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Monthly Archives: March 2011


Time To Turn Back on Nuclear:

admin March 30, 2011

Should Britain Turn its Back on Nuclear – The catastrophic events in Japan that led to Fukushima’s nuclear crisis made the world review their concepts about nuclear energy generation. What once was seen as an effective way to generate carbon free electricity is now being questioned about its safety that will sure comprise its economical viability.

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Japan’s Disaster Impacts on UK:

admin March 22, 2011

Japan’s Disaster Impacts on the UK Energy Market – As uncertain to the future of the UK energy market, Japan’s disaster has caused even more uncertainties. Should the government stick with the nuclear energy programme? Or was what happened at Fukushima’s nuclear plant a warning that as efficient as nuclear might be, safety comes first?

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Gas Rises on Japan Shortages

admin March 16, 2011

“The severity of the situation is heightened by the possibility that the injection of seawater for emergency cooling of several of the reactors affected by the earthquake could require the scrapping of those reactors, so resulting in a permanent loss of some of the nuclear capacity already down,” Deutsche Bank analysts said in a note on Tuesday.

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Middle East Unrests Continue to Influence Gas Prices

admin March 9, 2011

UK gas prices climbed to its highest levels in more than 21 months supported by conflicts in Middle East which are pushing Brent crude oil prices close to the $120 a barrel. On Monday Brent crude oil prices firmed at $117.40 a barrel, causing a rally in the UK gas market. Winter gas contract prices climbed to 68.50 pence per therm on Monday morning, the highest since May 2009.

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How to Hire An Energy Broker

Chris Hurcombe March 1, 2011

Every week we bring you the latest UK energy and gas prices. These prices vary on a daily basis influenced by a series of factors that we talked about in our article: “Understanding the Fluctuation of UK Gas Prices”. As professional gas and energy brokers it is our job to stay on top of the news in order to find the best deals for our clients.

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