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admin August 9, 2012

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About Us

As a market leading UK Energy Broker, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in our field, Catalyst has been helping our clients to reduce their energy costs over the last decade.  Catalyst currently works on  behalf of thousands of UK companies helping them to make significant savings in their energy bills, through well informed procurement decisions, by eliminating and recovering over payments, and by helping those customers manage their energy consumption through the Catalyst Energy Advantage™ and consumption data reports, and ongoing invoice analysis.

Catalyst is independent and purchases energy on behalf of thousands of companies, ensuring that we hold strong purchasing leverage within the market. Our service is offered on a cost free basis and our confidence is such that we operate our business with no contractual tie-in with our clients. In addition, Catalyst can help with any other utility needs you may have, including gas, water and smart meters and are also able to offer professional advice in energy efficiency and demand reduction schemes.

Watch our video presentation and discover how we support all sizes and types of business with a range of energy services and solutions to fully support your energy management needs what ever your business needs.  We offer an  impartial and independent business electricity and business gas quoting service using a range of suppliers from our large supplier panel.

With over a decade of searching and understanding the market drivers we are able to find the best range of power and gas prices to support your business requirements.  From everyday fixed price contracts through to complicated multiple stage contracts we will be able to off you the right level of support and dedication so that you are confident that your energy needs are in safe hands.

Catalyst – Our Unique Business Model

Our business energy services are split into 4 main sections Procurement, Reporting, Analysis & Management and Reduce & Generate.1x1.trans About Us

This is a truly unique proposition and allows us to deliver a truly bespoke solution that is unique to your requirements and type of business.   Our team of professional energy consultants offer impartial and independent advice on a wide range of energy problems now facing UK businesses.

We will help you make sense of a vastly complicated market and educate you as to the right path for your business needs.  This could be simply using our knowledge to get the cheapest electricity or gas price for your business or how to compare vastly different offers on a like for like basis.

Or you may need to make more complex long term decisions for your business and require some specific energy market intelligence for your stake holders.  What ever your need we are sure to have plenty of experience dealing with similar inquiries from similar industries.  We can share and build on our knowledge so have the confidence in knowing that you have made the right decision and at the right time.

Our Customer Promise

As consumer champions of the business energy market, we believe that every business should have access to independent, clear and simple advice about their business energy.  Outlined below are the principles that Catalyst stands for and what our customers can expect from us.

  • Independent Advice – We are totally independent of any supplier and we will search through our comprehensive panel of suppliers to find the right solution for your business.
  • Best Value For Money – We’re committed to offering you the best value for money, as we believe that the price is not the only component of an offer that a supplier should offer.  The delivery of the service from the supplier must also support the customer’s requirements with accurate and timely billing and a customer service structure that both supports the customer’s needs and is effective in its operation.  It’s no good having the cheapest price if you are never billed or can never contact a customer service team if any issues arise.
  • Ongoing Support – We not only recommend a supplier, we also then become a service provider by offering an extra layer of customer support, rather than you having to interact directly with a customer service department you can also contact us to help resolve any queries or for additional advice.
  • Total Transparency – We provide a free procurement service and only receive an introductory commission from suppliers once your new account is up and running after a 3-month period.  Because we use an industry set figure, this ensures that you receive impartial advice and comparisons, and we will always present the best available deals for you, no matter what commission we are being offered by suppliers.
  • Comprehensive Supplier Panel – We have supply agreements with every major energy supplier in the UK and we also have agreements with all of the independent suppliers who operate within certain market sectors.

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