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Business Electricity

Chris Hurcombe April 24, 2012

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Business Electricity

As the UK energy market grows more complex, the independent advice offered by energy brokers and consultants helps many energy buyers find the right business electricity or business gas contract for their business.  With over 60% of UK energy contract now procured through energy broker and energy consultants, it demonstrates how strong this proposition has become.  So why do so many organisations choose to use an energy consultancy firm such as Catalyst to find cheap business electricity prices, rather than simply employing internal resources to fulfill their energy purchasing requirements.

There is a general acceptance in many organisations that, at a basic level, using consultants simply provides an independent and fresh approach to evaluating opportunities that can add value.  A ‘fresh pair of eyes’, with relevant experience of achieving tangible results in other organisations, can often uncover areas for significant improvement that may not have been previously identified.

There is significant benefit in exploiting the breadth and depth of experience that consultancy firms accumulate as a result of working with many different organisations, yielding ideas, methodologies and approaches that can be applied to other circumstances.

But the major underlying reason that consultants are contracted is because the work relating to delivering change – be it reducing costs, increasing efficiency, market intelligence, improving quality or capacity, or simple understanding the market conditions – is almost always an ‘up-front’ activity rather than an on going basis.

The other key factor is supplier relations, as it is more cost effective for an energy supplier to manage a range of energy brokers who in turn manage a large portfolio of clients than having to manage the business electricity portfolio directly.  This allows the suppliers to focus on the challenges of service and delivery of products, whilst the energy consultant can add value and additional support to the standard business electricity services offered by the supplier.

  • Compare from our full panel of suppliers
  • Contract advice
  • 100% Independent Service
  • Choice of fully fixed contracts
  • Free energy market intelligence

So if you are looking for the cheapest business electricity that you can, or are simply looking to compare business electricity tariffs or need help in choosing the right business electricity rates per kwh, then contact us today.

Our Business Electricity Services Explained

Highly skilled and knowledgeable in our field, Catalyst have been helping companies to reduce their business electricity costs for the best part of the last decade.1x1.trans Business Electricity

Catalyst currently works on behalf of thousands of UK companies helping them to make significant savings in their energy bills, through well informed procurement decisions, by eliminating and recovering over payments and by helping those customers manage their energy consumption through the provision of consumption data reports, and ongoing invoice analysis.

Catalyst is independent and purchases business electricity on behalf of thousands of companies, ensuring that we hold strong purchasing leverage within the market.

Our service is offered on a cost free basis and our confidence is such that we operate our business with no contractual tie-in with our clients.

In addition, Catalyst can help with any other utility needs you may have, including gas, water and smart meters and are also able to offer professional advice in energy efficiency and demand reduction schemes.

Our Business Electricity Products & Services

We pride ourselves on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction and this is just a few reasons why:

  • Confidence – Are you confident you’re getting the best deal from your business energy supplier? We are committed to offering the most commercially viable energy solution, however on the rare occasion, better prices are available by going direct to the supplier, we will be happy to explain the pros and cons of choosing this option.
  • Comparison Service – Our business is comparing business electricity deals for you, saving you money and time.
  • Comparing Offers -  Offers are notoriously difficult to compare, as different suppliers bundle different elements together, which makes the precise factors very difficult to isolate.  Potential suppliers can be asked to respond to a customer request by listing the various aspects of the prices and charges that are to be applied.
  • Free Energy Management -  All half hourly customers benefit from your own monthly energy reports and we provide a comprehensive diagnostic tool for analysing and manipulating your supply data.
  • Personal Service – Talk to a Catalyst expert about cutting your business’s electricity bills today.
  • Independent Advice – We are totally independent of any supplier and we will search through our comprehensive panel of suppliers to find the right solution for your business.
  • Comprehensive Supplier Panel – We have supply agreements with every major energy business electricity supplier in the UK and we also have agreements with all of the independent suppliers who operate within certain market sectors.

1x1.trans Business Electricity

Business Electricity Quotes – Quarterly & Monthly Billed Meters

Catalyst offers a comprehensive and independent electricity procurement service, offering a range of supplier quotes suitable to your business electricity requirements. Before helping you to select the most competitive and appropriate contract to meet your specific needs. You are under no obligation to accept our recommendations and are free to choose from another energy supplier in our detailed report. If you are happy with your quote, we will then complete all of the outstanding administrative tasks to ensure the smooth implementation of your new supply contracts.

  • 03 – Single Rate Supply
  • 04 – Day and Night Rate

The transfer process will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete and we will manage the transfer process on your behalf, and assist you in any queries that may arise during this transition period.  We can also provide quotes on 05-08 Meters, Half Hourly Meters, and any Business Gas requirements that you may have at the same time.  Then we have maximum demand meters where the MPAN profile is from an 05 to and 08, which is a monthly billed meter.  The first two digits of a full MPAN reflect its profile type and on a maximum demand meters these range from 05 to 08 and generally, though not always, use less than 100 kWh in a half-hour period.

  • 05 – Commercial Maximum Demand – Poor Load Factor (0-20% Load)
  • 06 – Commercial Maximum Demand – Medium Load Factor (20-30% Load)
  • 07 – Commercial Maximum Demand – Good Load Factor (30-40% Load)
  • 08 – Commercial Maximum Demand – Excellent Load Factor (>40% Load)

The load factor refers to the percentage of the available capacity that the supply is importing through the meter.  In addition to our standard commercial electricity procurement solutions, we can help with the organisation and preparation of all new electricity meters and new electricity connections.

1x1.trans Business Electricity

Our business energy consultants can add significant value to any project requiring an interface with the electricity industry including;  New Electricity Meter Connections, New Gas Meter Connections, Upgrades & Network Reinforcement and Temporary Builders Supplies.

We can offer as much or as little support as you require. Some clients engage us at the earliest possible stage of a development leaving us to initiate and co-ordinate every single aspect of the projects total utility energy needs.

On other occasions clients merely need a helping hand with perhaps initiating a new electricity meter installation on their new connection, or arranging the safe removal of live services prior to a building’s demolition.

No matter the size of your business or your product requirement, we can offer a range of products from all suppliers based on your exact business electricity requirements.

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Good Service

Apr 03, 2014 by Peter Barbour
Business Name: KINGARTH 

Angie was who we spoke to on the telephone and everything she said she would do, she completed and helped us in every way she could.
We thank her for making the task as easy as she could.

Response: Thank you for your kind words about our service levels, this will be passed on to Angie and the team.

Very Helpful

Sep 18, 2013 by Martin Reaney
Business Name: TW Metals Ltd 

Catalyst & our contact Chris Hurcombe have been very helpful; finding the best deal around for us. Chris has kept in regular contact throughout the renewal stage & explaining each offer clearly & simply.

Timesaver lifeline

Sep 16, 2013 by Barbara Maciejewski
Business Name: Laminates Ltd 

Very pleased with the service provided by Ian McKenna. Thank you Ian

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