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Business Solar Panels

admin July 30, 2012

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Business Solar Panels

Widely regarded as one of the most significant steps towards renewable energy, business solar panels or solar PV solutions use the latest solar photovoltaic power to deliver an invaluable source of sustainable renewable energy to both the domestic and commercial market.  1x1.trans Business Solar Panels

Its true to say that business solar panels were initially subject to some very heavy government subsidies that helped make it an attractive investment for companies looking to make the switch to renewable energy for their business.

Many businesses took action early and took advantage of those companies who were prepared to fund the full investment opportunity in return for a slice of the feed in tariff.

We advised our clients to proceed with caution on these offers as many companies sprung up to capitalise on this opportunity that were not delivering a full end to end solution.  Its important to recognise all of the component parts that make up the supply chain in order to fully commission any project.  To the surprise of many companies they have discovered the hard way that there are many companies who only offer component parts of the supply chain, and even worse, only a few suppliers actually understand the logistics around these missing areas.  This fledgling market then received a massive blow as the government decided to cut these subsides and in turn killed off all growth potential in the market along with the loss of thousands of jobs and closure of hundreds of companies.

How To Select Business Solar Panels

We can provide practical advice on selecting a company that understands and delivers all of the elements that makes up the supply chain, and has provisions in place not just for the hardware but also for the site works and metering element that’s required.  Its not simply a case of fitting solar panel to a building and hoping for the best.  Consideration for the amount of energy required and if you are going to have excess that you want to sell back to the grid must all be taken in to account.  Along with the current cabling and surrounding grid infrastructure.

Business Solar Panels Background to Feed-in Tariff

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) provides a long term subsidy to small generators, enabling a shorter pay-back for your investment

  • For Solar PV, the owners of building based systems get a 25 year guaranteed tariff for every kWh they produce
  • The FiT will “jump start” the solar (PV) market in UK as it has done in Europe over the last 10 years
  • In Germany, electricity generated from renewable resources has risen from 6% in 2000 to over 16% in 2009 – thanks to their FiT  programme, exceeding their national target
  • Spain introduced FiTs in 2007 and now produces 12.5% of its electricity from renewables
  • The UK government introduced FiTs in April 2010
  • Up to December 2010 (first 9 months of the UK scheme), 35MW of new solar PV installations were registered

What makes a suitable site for Business Solar Panels

There are many obvious factors that need to be considered in any business solar panels project.  The first obvious one is that you need to look at the roof pitch, orientation and construction.

  • Look carefully at the surrounding area to assess the risk of shadowing
  • Consider how you will connect the PV to your electrical infrastructure
  • How long is your roof likely to last, because you want to avoid having to remove and re-site PV panels due to roof maintenance or replacement
  • Assess your electricity requirements so you can tailor the installation to your needs
  • There will always be a preference for older heavy weight buildings with large open, uncluttered flat roofs over 250 m2
  • Modern buildings with metal profile roofs, good solar orientation and over 200 m2
  • South facing, traditional pitched roof buildings in good condition and with a useable roof area on one or more roof surfaces of minimum 150 m2
  • Did you know the estimated yearly electricity production from 50 kWp system is 85,000 – 95,000 kWh

Business Solar Panels Summary

Any serious tender would initially perform a desk top survey to access overall viability.  We use a Google earth based system to assess the potential of a roof, then if it looks promising we’ll develop a preliminary design so we can calculate how much energy can be produced and an indication of what your savings might be.   If we think it looks viable, we will arrange for a site survey to further assess the commercial viability of this project. At this stage a full business solar panels tender document will be produced for your consideration.

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