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Government Progresses Energy Reforms

Debbie Francis

by Debbie Francis February 4, 2016

EON Price Cut

The government’s Energy Bill has been approved in its first key vote in the Commons, and its provisions will now be closely scrutinised by MPs. The bill, which has already been approved in the House of Lords, has two key components: it will establish a new regulator, the Oil and Gas Authority. Read more

Water Consumer Council Challenge Water Leaks

Bekki Poole

by Bekki Poole February 2, 2016


Over half of the UK's water companies reported rising levels of commercial water leakage this year, according to the Consumer Council for Water. CC Water has called on the industry to do more to tackle the problem. The report by CC Water, titled “Delving into Water”, showed that consumer. Read more

Battery Storage Already Viable For Investors, Report Claims

Kiran Jutti

by Kiran Jutti February 1, 2016

Tiny Batteries Spark Green Revolution

In a study published on 18 January, Consultants Eunomia examined the potential of battery electricity storage in the UK. Storage systems allow commercial electricity to be stored so that it can used at a later time. There are a wide range of storage measures - but at present the technology’s. Read more

Biomass Power Plant Conversion Must Comply with EU Rules

Ian McKenna

by Ian McKenna January 27, 2016

Diesel farm

An investigation has been launched by the European commission into the UK's plans to convert part of its Drax coal power plant to biomass. The commission wants to make sure that Drax plans are in line with EU state aid rules, after giving the go ahead to a similar conversion taking place in. Read more

SESW To Enter Scottish Water Market

Debbie Francis

by Debbie Francis January 20, 2016


Sutton and East Surrey Water (SESW) has applied for a licence to extend its service into the Scottish business retail market in order to prepare for the business water market opening to non-household customers in England in April 2017. The company said it hopes to gain “invaluable experience”. Read more

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