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DSR Offering to Good to Miss

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe October 7, 2018

Businesses strongly interested in offering demand-side services - DSR.A survey by the Energyst has found that of the businesses that are not currently involved in demand-side response (DSR), the majority (83%) are interested in participating it as long it does not affect their operations.. Read more

Energy Intensive Industries Scheme Proposed Price Changes

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe July 12, 2018
energy intensive industries scheme

On 22 June, the government announced that it was consulting on widening the eligibility criteria for energy intensive industries scheme (EIIs) to be made exempt from the indirect costs of renewable support schemes.These include the Renewable Obligation (RO), the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and. Read more

Research Shows Companies Sourcing Renewable Energy

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe June 5, 2018
source renewable energy

Analysis conducted by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has flagged a growing trend globally and in the UK for companies to source renewable power, either through a purchase agreement or through self-generating. Growing Renewable Energy Trend As of early 2018, companies sourced. Read more

National Grid expects excess summer gas and electricity supplies

Ian McKenna
by Ian McKenna May 21, 2018

National Grid has revealed that it is expecting to have more than enough available gas and electricity supplies to meet demand over the summer period.The announcement came in the latest edition of National Grid’s annual Summer Outlook report, published on 10 April.National Grid uses this. Read more

Security of Supply Auctions – Record Low Prices

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe March 8, 2018
t-4 cm results by type

The government has welcomed the results of its Capacity Market auctions which have secured future energy supplies at record low prices for homes and businesses.The T-1 Capacity Market auction, for delivery in 2018-19, cleared in line with expectations at £6.00/kW. This was followed by the T-4. Read more

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