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Will new device change the face of renewable energy?

Caroline Robertson

by Caroline Robertson November 23, 2014

wave power electricity

A British company has successfully undertaken first-stage tests to bring wave power closer to fruition in the UK. Named Searaser and created by renewable energy innovators Ecotricity, the device will potentially re-invent the electricity sector, pushing it into greener and more eco-friendly. Read more

Nano-Batteries: Renewable Energy’s ‘Nick-of-Time’ Solution

Ian McKenna

by Ian McKenna November 18, 2014


A new wave of ‘nano batteries’ could be leading a cavalry charge to help increase viability for green commercial energy sources, as researchers in the US say they have “ultimate miniaturization of energy storage”. The team, based at the University of Maryland, have already created a. Read more

UK Seeks More Off-Shore Wind Power

Kiran Jutti

by Kiran Jutti November 16, 2014

The Greenest Government Ever?

After revealing plans to build the World’s largest offshore wind farm this summer, the UK government has approved another significantly-sized installation earlier this week. Consent has been given for Danish company Dong Energy A/S to install a new off-shore wind farm 19km west of the Cumbrian. Read more

UK Businesses ‘Could Save £5bn’ With Rooftop Solar

Nathaniel Taylor

by Nathaniel Taylor November 4, 2014

Renewable Energy Generation Up & Emissions Down

This week a new study has indicated that businesses here in the UK could save a collective £5 billion in commercial energy spend by switching to rooftop solar photovoltaic panels. Kingspan Energy might just happen to be one of the UK’s longest-running providers of ‘high performance. Read more

Dubbed the ‘Game-changer’ Flow Energy’s Home Generator

Kiran Jutti

by Kiran Jutti October 28, 2014

flow energy boiler

A new style of boiler which contains the capability to produce energy as well as heated water is set to be handed out by it’s British developer for ‘free’ in the hopes of kick-starting a new era of self-supplying homes and businesses - and built upon a surprising business model. Dubbed a. Read more

Amazing Flying Wind Turbine to Begin Trial Period

Caroline Robertson

by Caroline Robertson October 21, 2014


It might look like something from a sci-fi film, but this huge floating device is actually set to provide green electricity and Wi-Fi to residents of the remote city of Fairbanks, Alaska. Designed and constructed by MIT startup Altaeros Energies, this futuristic floating marvel is a new type of. Read more

Wind Energy Cheapest According to New EU Report

Chris Hurcombe

by Chris Hurcombe October 14, 2014


A new report conducted on behalf of the European commission has declared wind as the cheapest source of commercial energy - but only when ‘external’ factors are brought in to consideration. Revealed earlier this week, the data - written for the European commission by the Ecofys consultancy -. Read more

Could a New Energy Efficiency Target Give the UK a £62bn Boost?

Ian McKenna

by Ian McKenna October 7, 2014

electricity power

A fresh call for an expanded energy efficiency target from environmentalists claims that the UK could boost the British economy by £62bn. At a time where the 20% by 2020 targets are looming large over the heads of the government - in which the UK and other members of the European Union have. Read more

Sunflower Solar: IBM Give Solar Converters a Drastic Redesign

Chris Hurcombe

by Chris Hurcombe September 30, 2014

the magnetic fridge

One of the biggest names in computing technology, IBM, have teamed up with Swiss company Airlight Energy to give the tradition solar panel a drastic redesign after revealing an all-new ‘sunflower’ prototype. In comparison to giant wind turbines and colossal solar steam arrays, the average. Read more

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