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E.ON Unlocking Fixed Business Contracts

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe November 26, 2017

E.ON will have the difficult task of notifying their commercial customers over the coming weeks that they will need to unlock their current fixed price contracts in order to add an additional charge that wasn’t forecast when the contract was originally signed.This additional charge will also. Read more

Harvesting Sunlight With Salt

Kiran Jutti
by Kiran Jutti October 18, 2017
Renewable Energy Generation Up & Emissions Down

Projects, such as Shams 1 and Noor 1, are aiding the solar industry’s evolution. North Africa, specifically the Mena region, and the Middle East are hoping to supply Europe with reliable electricity. To achieve this, the two regions need a solar energy system that is virtually infallible:. Read more

Google’s Renewable Energy Storage Solution

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe September 10, 2017

Alphabet Inc., formerly known as Google, has an innovative solution for renewable energy storage. The promising new project, dubbed Malta, uses a combination of salt and antifreeze to store energy.Malta is being developed by Alphabet's somewhat secret research and development facility. The. Read more

Ofgem warns network companies of tougher future price controls

Ian McKenna
by Ian McKenna August 23, 2017
EON Price Cut

Energy network companies have been told to brace themselves for a “tougher” round of price controls from 2021 by the energy regulator.Ofgem explained it had seen “clear evidence” the cost of investment required in networks was “significantly lower” than previously assumed, and. Read more

03 and 04 Meters – Mandatory Half Hour Meters

Nathaniel Taylor
by Nathaniel Taylor August 21, 2017
Supplier switching to be shortened to 24 hours

Ofgem to assess case for mandatory half hourly settlement for smaller consumersLaunching its significant code review (SCR) on electricity settlement reform, Ofgem has said it will assess the case for a mandatory half hourly electricity settlement (HHS) process for domestic and smaller. Read more