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Top Tips to Reduce Business Gas Use

Ian McKenna
by Ian McKenna January 11, 2012
business gas use

Even though the fiscal year only starts in April with the start of the new year many companies begin to revise their expenditures which includes their business gas use and business electricity requirements. In today's article we bring to you 5 ways to reduce business gas usage, therefore, its. Read more

Solar Power Breakthrough makes Nuclear Uncompetitive

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe January 3, 2012
ESOS phase 2

Solar Power Breakthrough makes Nuclear Uncompetitive A recently announced solar power breakthrough in solar technology could change the way electricity is generated for good. Researchers have developed a new type of solar photovoltaic (PV) cell that uses a system similar to that employed by plants. Read more

How to Hire An Energy Broker

Chris Hurcombe
by Chris Hurcombe March 1, 2011
wind turbine

Every week through our social media feeds we bring you the latest UK energy and gas prices.  These prices vary on a daily basis influenced by a series of factors that we talked about in our article: "Understanding the Fluctuation of UK Gas Prices". As professional gas and energy brokers it is our. Read more

Bill Gates Investing Millions

Caroline Robertson
by Caroline Robertson February 20, 2011

The man who revolutionised personal computing now wants to revolutionise the way we generate energy. After stepping down as the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates has been investing millions of dollars to fight global warming; his ultimate goal is to find an energy source completely free of CO2. Read more

Identifying a Half Hour Meter

Debbie Francis
by Debbie Francis February 21, 2010
Government delays smart meter roll-out

How to find out if you have a half hourly meter So how do you know if you have a half hour electricity meter?  It’s actually quite straight forward, and all you will need to find this out is a recent copy of your electricity bill.  It doesn’t have to be the latest half hourly electricity. Read more

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