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Battery Storage

Catalyst’s energy services team will provide a full feasibility review for battery storage and ascertain a sites full potential for onsite storage including load shifting and site resilience.  Then in partnership with a host businesses’ site management team, we will develop a deployment strategy to install the batteries free of charge at any proposed sites.

These will then provide a peak shifting service and charge when energy prices are low, before discharging when they are at their peak to generate savings across the business.

A small proportion of this energy is then used to provide ancillary services to the grid to create the revenue that funds the energy storage devices.

Catalyst is not limited to its free battery solution, it provides consulting services for a wide range of battery storage solutions from the leading market participants. Our consultative approach also provides the methodology for getting the best out of battery storage by mapping a sites requirement to optimise peak time avoidance, revenue generation and load shedding techniques.

After reviewing the commercial viability of batteries and the lack of readily available funding that can be deployed we soon realised that batteries provide the ideal vehicle to dramatically reduce peak period costs whilst at the same time providing energy security and access to revenue generation schemes.

Although the technology is already viable, the current price point puts them out of the reach of those organisations that could benefit most from them.  We aim to address that issue by securing the appropriate funding streams that allow us to provide large-scale solutions at no cost to our clients.