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Trying to find the best commercial gas price isn't as difficult as you may think and for those companies with a requirement to compare the largest range of gas companies in the UK, then you have come to the right place. For over a decade we have being helping customers obtain competitive and viable commercial gas quotes from all the leading gas suppliers in the UK. Review our Gas Procurement Brochure and an overview of our gas product selection process.

No-one compares more gas suppliers than Catalyst…

In addition to this we can provide commercial gas pricing benchmarks and the ability to evaluate and select the best industrial gas suppliers, contract lengths and terms, as we have a highly focused process approach to business gas procurement. Our commercial gas comparison service offers a full end to end service for all your quoting needs. As one of the UK's leading energy brokers we offer access to the latest commercial gas price available on the market and not only look to find cheap commercial gas prices for your needs, but can help you work our the cheapest commercial gas price overall.

For large commercial gas users we can also look at more flexible ways of purchasing your gas contracts, that can mitigate some of the risk premium built into traditional gas contracts.  Some of these options can include or exclude minimun and maximum take or pay clauses within a contract. This removes the need to commit to your anual estimated gas consumption and allows for changes within the contract duaration.