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Half Hourly Electricity Meters

Chris Hurcombe August 26, 2013

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Half Hourly Electricity Meters

Half hourly electricity meters are a type of meter that is installed for large commercial or industrial sites in the UK.  The volume of electricity is measured in 30-minute intervals and this is reported back to the supplier to measure and report the amount of electricity usage at that particular address.  The meter also reports the usage to the electricity provider in order to provide accurate readings that are not hampered by human error. These meters are mandated for some businesses in the UK and optional for others.  To read more on the mandatory requirements for a half hour meter, then please read our market overview.

What Half Hourly Meters Do

Half hourly electricity meters are just like a standard meter that can be found outside any home or business, but rather than measuring the amount of electricity used on an estimated basis, they measure how much electricity is used during each half hour period. This is especially helpful for large businesses and manufacturing facilities because it helps to provide information regarding the amount of use during specific times of the day, in turn making it easier for such businesses to regulate their consumption and decrease costs.  In fact, UK regulation mandates businesses that use a certain amount of power to have half hourly meters installed.

Which Businesses Have Them?

According to regulation in the United Kingdom, businesses that use 100kW or more of electricity in a single half hour period must have half hourly electricity meters installed. Those that use 70kW or more of power in a half hour period can opt to have half hourly meters installed, but this is not mandated. Those who are not sure whether or not they have these meters installed on their premises can check simply enough. Simply look for an S with two rows of numbers, afterward; if the first set of numbers is 00, or double zero, then this is a half hourly meter. If the number is 05, 06, 07, or 08, it may still be a half hourly meter.

Pricing and Tariffs

Because half hourly electricity meters provide such accurate information to energy suppliers, they can base the price that is paid by the company solely upon the exact amount of power that is consumed. The information is sent to the supplier via SMS or radio packet delivery like system, and this means that there is no room for human error when it comes to reading usage.

The tariffs are typically negotiated on a contract, but this depends on the supplier. The prices fluctuate based upon factors like wholesale prices, the demand for detailed data and the hedging strategies of the supplier. However, in almost all cases, these meters will provide savings when they are installed in the proper setting.

Half hourly electricity meters not only help businesses and industrial facilities save money on their power bills, but they also help power suppliers better regulate their prices. These meters are incredibly accurate and provide detailed information that was not previously available, making them a commodity that is sure to expand to other parts of the market in the near future.

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