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UK Startup Doubles Up with New Solar Panel Design (1)Solar Steam Power; A New Generation

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When many think steam power, the vast majority will think it an anachronism; more suited to Victorian trains than modern commercial energy solutions. Read more…

Microsoft Announce 175 Megawatt Wind Farm Deal

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Software giants Microsoft have announced a new deal with an Illinois-based wind farm project to power it’s Chicago datacentre.  The makers of Windows will purchase 175 megawatts of commercial wind energy from the Pilot Hill Wind Project as part of a 20-year agreement announced this week.  Read more…

140203_Government seeks views on competitive renewables fundingCity-Scale Solar Set to be Viable by 2018

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Investment bank UBS has predicted that solar power could be powering entire cities by 2018 in it’s latest forecast for commercial renewable energy projects.  The Swiss-based financial powerhouse has predicted that more and more homes and businesses could be putting power back into the grid by the end of the decade, thanks to the rise of ‘rooftop solar’.  Read more…

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