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Cost Stacker™ - Non-Commodity Reporting

With Non-commodity costs rising year on year, some energy intensive users could see these charges dominate their energy costs over the coming years with energy costs accounting for less than 40% of the total bill value.

For this reason, our Cost Stacker™ product details all non-commodity charges associated with a half hour electricity supply contract.  Providing a forecast of monthly non-commodity costs up to 5-years ahead and a historic review of charges for the past 3-years.  

Our reports will provide full transparency around these associated costs, and the data can be used to identify your future risk exposure to rising non-commodity charges, or as a pre-tender exercise to evaluate the expectations around non-commodity charges for any current or future energy contract.

The cost of wholesale energy can also be factored into our reports to present a flat price point ahead of any supplier’s margin.

Calculate and Evaluate Your Meter Point Costs

Using your meters half hourly data we can break your profile down into all the component parts that make up your fully delivered energy bill including DUoS Red, Amber and Green bands, Triad risk and the impact of DCP228 and DCP161.

Optimise your Reporting Requirements

We recognise that different organisations have different requirements, and as such we provide a choice of services from a single report to a quarterly subscription model with a choice of outputs to suit all budgets.

Basic Audit Reports

Our basic report provides a 12-month data export view of current or historic contracts, which can be used to compare to an actual supplier’s contract for cost evaluation purposes.  Each report will cover a 12-month period, however multiple reports can be purchased together. Or you can choose our subscription model, that will provide an ongoing evaluation of non-commodity charges on a quarterly basis. 

Digital Report

Our digital report provide access to your standalone interactive dashboard with a current and horizon view included as standard.  Or if you would prefer you can activate your Cost Stacker module on our Energy as a Service Platform (EaaSi). This service is tightly integrated with SharePoint and Office 365 and leverages the Windows Azure platform to provide cloud-based energy services.