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Our range of site level energy reporting solutions will put your business back in control of its energy consumption. For those sites that already have a half hourly electricity meter we have a range of data capture solutions that will provide you with access to your energy consumption.

We use this data to provide you with a detailed monthly breakdown on your energy usage. These reports are an invaluable resource for companies that are looking to control and conserve energy consumption.

We would always recommend capturing and recording your energy consumption ahead of any other energy saving projects. This way you can measure your return on investment and accurately determine how much energy you save from each project that you carry out.

We also supply a range of smart meter solutions for electricity, gas and water, which will also allow us to capture your energy usage and collate this data in to a series of easy to understand reports.

All of our reports include further ideas to help reduce your energy consumption and a range of reports to help you understand your own carbon footprint. We will automatically send you these reports on a monthly basis so you haven't even got to think about it, making it easy to compare month on month consumption.

Energy Reporting Solutions

Access to your own consumption data is the corner stone to any effective energy management project and is vital in establishing your monthly energy patterns. Our range of solutions will allow you to accurately capture and report on your own energy use.

More Information on Energy Reporting

We provide hundreds of energy reports to our customers on a monthly basis and these help our customers to get a visual pattern of how they use there energy and more importantly where they waste energy. These reports are extremely powerful and with a bit of on going sensible housekeeping you can easily cut your energy consumption by 20% with little or no capital outlay.

In addition to this our invoice validation service will remove the need for your business to verify your invoices. As we will fully audit any and all invoices in our search for discrepancies, over and underpayments in your billing. We will then report back to you ensuring that your invoices have been approved for payment. If you have any questions on our range of energy reporting then please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to explain more to you. 

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