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Flexible Energy Contracts

Flexible Energy Contracts All about flexible energy buying

Business Electricity

Business Electricity Our energy experts can help you save money on your electricity contracts.

Business Gas

Business Gas Our business gas experts can help you save money on your gas bills.

Half Hourly Electricity

Half Hourly Electricity Our Energy Broker experts can help you find a cheaper Half Hourly Electricity contract.

Business Water Services

Business Water Services Our business water audit service is a free of charge solution available for any type of business premises.

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Get optimal terms on your electricity and gas with Catalyst Energy Broker services

With our diverse bank of business customers throughout a range of industry sectors having an annual consumption of over a billion kWh, Catalyst is one of the market leading independent energy brokers in the UK.Catalyst has a vast amount of experience in Energy Procurement Servicesmanaging the energy procurement requirements of public and private sector organisations, ranging from small single site retail, energy intensive sites, through to large and complex multi-site groups.

Our confidence is such that we operate our business with no contractual tie-in with our clients, the partnerships that we develop are based on performance alone. This results in our standards remaining very high, which is reflected in our client retention rate of over 93%. 

This scale of clients ensures substantial bargaining power with suppliers, and preferential product selection.  Coupled with our significant purchasing experience, allows us to negotiate far better terms and models than individual customers can do on their own. 

Utilising our Energy Broker service you let us apply our knowledge, expertise, and market position to handle your electricity or gas purchases in a professional and efficient manner. We work full-time on getting the best possible terms for our clients.

With our Energy Broker service you gain access to:

  • Qualified supplier selection - We have a very comprehensive supplier panel of 28 energy suppliers which we believe offers access to the most comprehensive choice in the UK.
  • Catalyst selects professional suppliers with low rates, great service and who can deliver proven cost effective results.
  • Long-term focus and market monitoring with our monthly market briefs.
  • Energy Broker's 2 to 3 year time horizon in purchasing enables us to minimise market risk by strategic price optimisation, assuring our clients of low and predictable energy costs in the longer term.
  • Volume buyer benefits - Pooling its clients’ electricity and gas purchases Catalyst negotiate contracts at terms usually reserved for larger commercial customers. We secure prices lower than small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) can achieve on their own, and enable access to privileged models and strategies for our corporate clients.
  • Savings - The Energy Broker service has achieved savings for its clients of as much as 42%.
  • Electricity purchasing and ongoing monitoring of current contracts is our core business.
  • Let our energy brokerage handle this for you and free up time for your core business activity.

Product Overview:

We provide a full range of business energy procurement solutions that match your exact purchasing requirements. From basic fixed priced products, that offers a guaranteed price over the life of the contract, ranging from 12-months up to 60-Months and combinations in between.  We can provide these types of contracts for small, medium or large commercial gas or electricity customers, including half hourly electricity supplies.  For the more adventurous purchaser we offer a range of flexible energy purchasing solutions based around your company’s appetite for risk. These all include practical advice on selecting the right product to suit your budget requirements. In addition to these standard business purchasing arraignments we also offer group energy purchasing solutions, basket procurement options, and contract analysis.  All of these solutions and services are designed to make the selection and management of your business energy contracts as easy as possible.

Other Energy Procurement Solutions:

Browse our full range of energy buying solutions in each section above and discover the right energy buying solution for your business or contact one of our consultants who will be glad to explain all the options available to you. With so many suppliers offering different types of contracts with varying terms it can be difficult understanding whats going to be best suited for your business needs. For example with our full range of commercial gas suppliers we can provide commercial gas prices from our entire portfolio, whilst at the same time providing your business with free water audits or natural gas procurement services.  Or we can compare our wholesale LPG prices with other similar LPG wholesale prices to establish further potential savings. So If you wish to discuss any of our procurement services or solutions further, please feel free to contact our dedicated energy team, who will be more than happy to explain anything that you require in greater detail.  Our business energy switch solution should remove the need for expensive oil, electricity and gas procurement services. In addition to all of this our online self service SME platform provides access to some of the cheapest business electricity and gas prices on the market.

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