Weekly Price Update Report - Week 16 2019
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Energy Market ReportsWeekly Price Update Report - Week 16 2019

Weekly Price Update Report - Week 16 2019

Chris Hurcombe

by Chris Hurcombe 15 April 2019

Report Summary:

Sharp rises during the week


NBP Natural Gas & GB Power Market Movement

Markets rose during the week but not as strongly as the previous week and for some far curve contracts, markets were lower as at close of play on Thursday 11th April compared to the previous Friday.  Demand fell nearly 6%, which produced a looser market.   Norwegian gas flows to the UK recovered following the previous Friday’s dip. LNG send-out remained strong in high 70s mcm by the end of Thursday and is forecasted to stay stat way with various cargo arrivals that re not just Qatari.  The Oil price and Coal price also closed the week higher, +0.70% and +2.04 respectively.  The Carbon price continued to advance, +11.05%.  By close of play on Thursday (11th April) the October 2019 annual contracts for electricity and gas closed +1.98% and +1.03% respectively. 

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