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Business Smart Meters

admin July 30, 2012

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Business Smart Meters

Smart meters or smart electricity meters are the next generation of electricity meter. smart meters will bring about the end of estimated utility bills and meter readings, and provide customers and energy suppliers with accurate information on the amount of electricity and gas being used.  Smart energy meters will empower customers to make choices on how much energ1x1.trans Business Smart Meters

y they use. Suppliers will install two-way communication systems that display accurate real-time information on electricity use in the business, both to the consumer and back to the energy supplier.    We provide a range of AMR meters, energy metering (Smart Meters / Smart Electricity Meter) and data collection solutions, all aimed at putting you back in control of your energy consumption and ultimately energy costs.

Electricity supplies with a demand of less than 100kW are not obliged to have half hourly metering equipment installed and are known as non-half hourly (NHH) supplies. The charges for these services are often recovered via the chosen electricity supplier’s bill. However, there is an active and extremely competitive market for smart electricity meter operation services, within the UK for both (NHH) and (HH).

Many customers, particularity those with multiple sites can achieve significant cost savings and service enhancements by sourcing a national agreement.

If you think smart energy metering will increase your costs, reconsider. Smart energy metering has reduced in price significantly over the last twelve months and the difference between the cost of monthly manual reads and the cost of obtaining remote reads and online half-hourly data has narrowed dramatically.  According to the Carbon Trust, introducing smart meters can actually save you money. Last year, they undertook smart energy metering trials and the results showed that smart energy meters, when combined with consumption data and energy-saving advice, gave potential average savings of 12% a year.

In addition, smart energy meters / smart electricity meters enable:

  • Flexible electricity tariffs that measure consumption over set time periods
  • Suppliers will be able to differentiate their tariffs and services through offering alternative means of displaying energy consumption – i.e. through mobiles, the internet or via digital TV
  • Improved accuracy of forecasting energy demand at different times of the day
  • Conserving energy is important, not only because it saves you money, but because it will have a real impact on the environment

Project Managed Smart Meters

We provide a wide range of project managed smart meter solutions from site surveys, sub metering, water meters and standard smart meters.  1x1.trans Business Smart Meters

We manage both the pre-install requirements, installation and then provide online data management solutions.  Installation of your smart meters and related setup can be a rather lengthy and complex process.

However our simple solution means all you need to do is request the service for your own electricity supply, and we will manage the whole of the process for you, from installation booking, through to delivery and provision of your new smart meters.

Then once you are up and running we will even provide access to your own online account through our Catalyst Energy Advantage™  solution and with over 150 standard reports you can easily identify all areas of energy waste, which will help you manage your energy consumption more effectively.

In addition to this you won’t have any more estimated bills as we will also arrange for your meter readings to be sent directly to your energy supplier, even if your not one of our customers.

Smart Meter Key Benefits

  • We support every type of electricity profile with our smart meters
  • Fully managed service, we take care of everything for you
  • No more estimated billing
  • Online access to your supply data through the Catalyst Energy Advantage™
  • Easily identify all areas of energy waste with over 150 standard reports
  • Schedule automatic management and exception reports
  • Find out the best and worst performing buildings in your organisation
  • Charges are added to your current electricity contract

Mandatory Smart Meters

New license conditions for the supply of electricity and gas were introduced on April 6th 2009.  These new conditions are an essential building block in the Government’s carbon reduction program for the UK. Under these changes, all Profile Class 05-08 electricity meters, and all metered gas consuming over 732,000 kWh a year, must be replaced by smart meters.

The new metering standards for all Profile Class 05-08 meters will be CoP10 for whole current and CoP5 for CT meters (Current Transformer Operated Meter). Customers have until 2014 for large business and 2019 for smaller businesses to change their meters, but any smart meter installed as from the 1st January 2009 must comply with this new metering code of practice. 1x1.trans Business Smart Meters

According to the Department of Climate Change (DECC), the new meters must ‘store measured electricity consumption data for multiple time periods; and at least half hourly’ and they must ‘provide remote access to such data by the licensee’. DECC also states that ‘timely’ access to the data from the meter must be given to the customer and government guidance is that ‘timely’ should be day + one.  But, just because suppliers will now have to give you access to your smart meters data, it doesn’t mean they should let you have it for free.  The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is advising the public sector not to sign up to a supplier contract where metering is conditional on the agreement.

They believe this ‘limits competition and the ability to negotiate energy contracts in the future’.  Continuity of data is fundamental to achieving carbon savings.  So, the best route is to go appoint an independent provider of metering and data services such as Catalyst. This will allow you to change supplier without being bound by any metering and data service, and without losing any of your meter data during the supplier change over.

The Government believes proprietary metering systems are not good for market choice. Therefore, DECC are calling for open systems, so that any data collector can collect from any metering system – just like in the half hourly market. The benefit of having open systems is that it will greatly improve consumer choice.  Mandatory smart metering by 2014 will affect around 170,000 electricity meters and 40,000 gas meters in the UK.  If this includes your organisation, then it’s in your interest to switch to smart metering sooner rather than later, because the half hourly meter data you will have access to will enable you to see exactly where and when energy waste is occurring.  It’s only when you have this detailed information that you can start to introduce effective measures to eliminate waste, reduce carbon emissions and improve your companies carbon footprint.

Currently, there are 110,000 meters in the half hourly market.  The requirement for mandatory smart metering in electricity Profile Classes 5-8 and annual gas usage of 732,000 kWh or over means a tripling in the number of half hourly meters by 2014. Any organisation which has introduced half hourly metering and which uses more than 6,000 megawatt hours a year (or around £1/2m at today’s prices) will now be caught in the net of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). So, if you thought your organisation was going to slip under the radar of the CRC, you may need to revisit this assumption.  As a reminder, the CRC is a mandatory carbon trading scheme that will be introduced in 2010. Its aim is to cut carbon emission by 1.2 million tonnes in the UK by 2020. You can find out more on DECC’s website:

Business Gas Smart Meters & Gas Consumption Data Management

The problem with traditional gas meters only provide a range of estimated meter readings over a given period of time, and allow for no visibility in gas consumption use or the ability to compare gas usage over a given parameter or time frame.  In addition to this you have to rely on the supplier correctly invoicing you for the consumption that they think you have used, with no way of validating this request.  1x1.trans Business Smart Meters

In addition to these standard problems, if you want to capture your gas consumption into a visible consumption report, and then cross check this against a series of different metrics, you may face some if not all of the following problems.

Initially before you can begin capturing any data from your meter, you need to ensure that your meter has a pulsed output facility, and that it is activated.  In some cases it may be necessary to replace your meter entirely, to ensure this capability.  In some cases you may have to absorb the cost of this exchange or you may be fortunate to have your meter replaced under the guaranteed pulsed output scheme.  Once your meter is pulsed output enabled then a logging device can be attached to begin capturing your consumption data.

This data if the supplier is in a position to accept it (as currently not all suppliers are ready to receive this direct data) can be used to ensure that you are only billed for what you have used.  The final problem is the location of your meter, as the most common form of data transfer is using GSM mobile technology; however as we all know, this isn’t always practical depending on the location of the meter.  So you may have to look at radio packet data transfer or even a physical phone line to ensure your data is transmitted correctly.

Our Gas Smart Meter Solutions

We provide an independent approach to gas smart meters, buy combining a range of products and services from different providers to deliver a final solution that fits your requirements.

  • Confirmation that your meter has a pulsed output
  • Confirmation that your meters pulsed output facility is activated
  • Advice and recommendation for meter exchanges
  • Advice on the right type of meter, and solution for your location
  • Online data provision and compressive suite of reports

Smart Meters For Water

Now that we have measured and controlled your water through our free desktop audit and free site survey, we now need to monitor it for any future anomalies.

1x1.trans Business Smart Meters

We can do this with Smart Water Meters, Data logging and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) also known as Smart Metering are effective water management tools. Data loggers are deployed to monitor water consumption and provide remote water meter reading at strategic points on site. The information from the smart water meter is fed back into our web based reporting service so that leaks & other unusual water consumption can be immediately identified.

Benefits of Smart Water Meters

  • Return on Investment typically less than 12-months
  • Billing on actual meter readings – reducing water charges
  • Rapid rectification of water leaks
  • Successful Monitoring and Targeting Program reduces water consumption
  • Measure site against site
  • Control cost and manage future budgets

Detailed analysis of water usage can be broken down by building, department, tenant, equipment or shift. Automatic Meter Reading determines usage over time, identifies peaks, compares sites and correlates use with the offending equipment or personnel. It provides leak monitoring and helps leak detection and prevention.

Online Water Bill Monitoring and Targeting

Information gathered from AMR needs to be used effectively if it is to become a successful component of a comprehensive water monitoring and targeting program.  Our web based reporting system reports:

  • Entire property portfolio bench-marked for water consumption
  • Web access to water smart meters consumption figures
  • Flow rate comparisons and analysis
  • Immediate SMS and email alerts when consumption exceeds expectation
  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness on environmental projects

Smart Meter Solutions

We can arrange for smart meters for NHH electricity, gas and water.  In addition to this we can provide monthly data reports or online account access.  Simply complete this form or speak to our energy team and we will arrange to send you a formal contract for signature, along with the terms and conditions.  If you need any additional information or would like a formal quote for your smart meters, please contact us.

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