Best in Customer Service - Business EnergyWhy be good when you can be better, and why be better when you could be the best? We aim to be better than ‘good’ at Catalyst, we aim for brilliant.

Best in Customer Service

Best in Customer Service

Best in Customer Service – Why be good when you can be better, and why be better when you could be the best? We aim to be better than ‘good’ at Catalyst, we aim for brilliant.

The key to good customer service is the relationship and trust that you build with customers.

Which is why we work hard to make customer service a priority, both in our interactions with customers and in our technology that serves them.

We want to understand a customer’s business and energy use to help them manage spend and ultimately reduce costs. To streamline processes, provide solutions that automate and remove any area for human error on data inputting.

We like to think of it as a partnership approach to customer service, we do this via our digital platform EaaSi®, which provides visibility and insights to customers and internally to colleagues.

Open communications with customers, wider stakeholder community and internally across teams ensures the whole business is working together for a common goal – underpinned with trust. Our brand and brand values believe that trust – especially in a marketplace that’s seen a number of TPIs being untrustworthy – is very important.

Our approach also pivots around:

> providing visibility of client’s energy data and our client account managers are there on the phone or in person to run through the data with the customer to find new ways to save or make money from their utilities contracts as well as making money or saving money from the way in which they consume energy. We also ensure they are compliant for legislation and carbon reporting.

> proactively providing added support to our clients, particularly during the pandemic. Some businesses have closed while others have ramped up production to meet demand – whichever way their business pivoted we ensured clients were aware of the impact on energy spend and contracts to ensure they weren’t hit with any charges or didn’t purchase future contracts based on data that has been marred by the economic change caused by COVID.

> educating clients with information on energy consumption price increases and shared the benefits and pitfalls between fixed and flexible energy contracts. The one thing COVID-19 has given us all is uncertainty, particularly in our business operations and fixed-price energy contracts are next for the uncertain list.

> we automate manual bill validation (BV) processes. EaaSi removes time and cost associated with BV activities, by consuming data direct from the supplier database and validating almost instantaneously. Inaccuracies are remedied between the platform and the supplier, so the client knows that the bills they pay are correct. Traditional bill validation requires paper bill collection and manual data entry which takes time. Time a client doesn’t have when a bill is due to be paid.

About Catalyst

Catalyst Digital Energy is an award-winning energy consultancy with a focus on digital energy services, total energy contract lifecycle management and energy management services. It is revolutionising how businesses manage energy with its unique Energy Spend Management Platform, which is powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) EaaSi®.

Catalyst is digitising all aspects of energy, including billing, data, consumption, spend, payments, procurement and emissions reporting. When combined with its fully funded renewable energy solutions, Catalyst offers a unique and powerful approach to managing energy.