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UK SME’s missing out on business energy efficiency savings due to lack of information

Small Businesses (SME’s) account for 45 per cent of all the business energy usage in the UK and according to the Carbon Trust as well as reports from energy suppliers the vast majority are missing out on saving opportunities due to the lack of information on how to improve their business energy efficiency.

The Carbon Trust stated that SME’s have the greatest potential for savings on energy: 20 per cent compared to eight per cent for larger organisations. E.ON estimates that four million of the UK’s 4.8 million small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) could be saving up to £2,000 per year by implementing simple energy efficiency measures such as smart meters and lighting timers.

There are hundreds of ways SME’s can reduce their business electricity and business gas usage by improving their overall business energy efficiency. But unfortunately SME’s are not having access to this type of information.

E.ON’s research is proof to that. Last year the energy supplier interviewed 1000 UK SME’s and found out that:

  • Only one in five (21 per cent) of UK small businesses have energy efficient equipment in the workplace.
  • That means almost four million small businesses are wasting precious money and resources.
  • Almost nine out of 10 (86 per cent) don’t have lighting timers or motion sensors in their workplace
  • Eight out of 10 (81 per cent) don’t have an energy monitor installed in the office
  • Only 15 per cent of businesses have a smart meter.

In some segments, like the financial services sector the lack of awareness of business energy efficiency, reached an alarming 97 per cent. That is to say that only 3 per cent of small businesses in the financial services sector are aware that they could save money on their energy bills through energy efficiency measures.

Simple measures go a long way.

Back in October 2011, the Carbon Trust published a guide for companies showing that a one degree reduction in heating could generate savings of £35 million a year for UK workplaces.

As afore mentioned there are hundreds of ways SME’s can save energy reduce their costs and their environmental impact.

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