Energy Consultants Catalyst Commercial Services reveals rebrand and major drive for growth with its new digital approach.This leading digital energy consultancy has been at the forefront in meeting new digital business energy challenges.

Digital Energy

new digital approach

Catalyst Commercial Services an award-winning business energy consultancy has today announced its rebrand to Catalyst Digital Energy.

The rebrand reflects what has always been the companies long term goal: to become a multi-faceted energy consultancy using automatic, integrated, agile data driven systems to empower both customers and themselves alike to drive more efficient, collaborative and accurate outcomes. The new brand truly represents Catalyst’s position as a Digital leader in what feels like at times an analogue energy market.

This leading digital energy consultancy has been at the forefront in meeting new digital business energy challenges, helping clients adapt their energy strategies to digital in a time of uncertainty following the release of its Energy Spend Management platform – EaaSi™ powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

EaaSi is a SaaS based solution that automates the entire procure-to-pay and validation process, making financial and procurement teams more efficient and saving both time and money when compared to more traditional approaches.

“This rebrand and digital approach better represents our true DNA,” says Chris Hurcombe, Founder and CEO of Catalyst. “We are far more than consultants and our website and brand will now better represent that fact as we focus on big energy data and digitisation.”

Hurcombe continues “This year has brought every business so many unexpected challenges and we have all had to evolve, personally and professionally to those challenges and naturally, the Catalyst brand is evolving with these changes. We believe that the crisis will bring about a new wave of digital transformation for the energy sector and we want to be leading the charge towards better energy data and control of that data”.

Catalyst a leader in digital energy services, announced in January new product innovations that extend the capabilities of its cloud-based platform for businesses to manage all their energy spend in one place. Amid a rapidly evolving energy market and global economic uncertainty, Catalyst’s latest innovations empower businesses with total energy contract life cycle management, providing transparency, insight and smarter buying decisions.

“Now more than ever, businesses need a joined-up approach and access to a single platform which allows them to manage all of their business energy costs. By harnessing the power of robotic process automation, they can easily understand their past, current and future energy costs in a clear and transparent way” said Scott Pickavance, CCO of Catalyst. “The innovations that we announced earlier in the year are designed to help businesses get the very best control of their energy spend category.”

Pickavance who was the Managing Director of recently acquired IT managed service provider (MSP) business – Cloud Everywhere, a sister company of Catalyst has relished the opportunity to bring some of the learnings and best practices from the Cloud focused business to Catalyst and the energy market alike.

“Working with Chris on the digital transformation of Catalyst to lay to rest over a decade of frustration in having to deal with legacy supplier and third-party energy systems which offered very little efficiency and collaboration has been such a rewarding experience. Our Cloud first, agile systems have revolutionised how we operate as a business and the transformative solutions we can now offer our customers”.

On a Mission

Catalyst are on a mission as digital energy consultants to put customers back in control of their utilities by providing the rights tools and support for the full energy contract life-cycle requirement.

With further plans to announce its revolutionary edge computing IoT energy management system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the coming months it thinks there has never been a better time for companies to take control of its energy spend category with unrivalled energy control and analytics.

“We are breaking new ground and genuinely amazing our customers with how technology can transform old legacy systems and approaches to energy management” says Hurcombe. “All too often when we perform an initial gap analysis, we see huge gaps in data and multi-million-pound decisions managed on spread sheets” continues Hurcombe.

Catalyst’s digital solution sets to challenge this approach and disrupt a market that relies on third party intermediaries to analyse and provide customers with limited detail on spread sheets.

Instead the approach from Catalyst puts customers back in control of their data and allows for a one pane of glass, Cloud first approach to total energy control and spend certainty.

With more and more companies committing to net zero targets Catalyst has also been working on the ability to offer access to its multi million pound fully funded renewable energy solutions on the back of its existing GHG emissions reporting solutions.

With the devastating effects of Covid-19 this year many organisations are unaware of the significant impact this will have on longer term markets and with unprecedented changes to non-commodity over the coming years. Catalyst feel that it’s impossible to understand the financial impact on these challenges without involving an approach to engaging with cloud-based energy software.

Catalyst has exceeded their financial targets with its continued growth even during these challenging times and is proud of its personable approach to customer engagement and management with strategic advice and direction, through to tactical knowledge and execution of its energy services.

Already boasting some major UK brands, FTSE top 250 and Fortune 500 businesses on its books, Catalyst has its sights set on further enhancing its already impressive list of clients.

It is now looking to expand its corporate division to target those customers who want to truly understand the value of digital and whom are actively looking for a digital energy strategy to aid in driving results.

Chris Hurcombe concludes with the following “I am confident that we have a technology approach that is market leading and one that challenges the conventual approach to utility management whilst fully supporting business goals and aspirations.