EDF Energy Raises Energy Prices

EDF Energy has become the latest of Britain’s “big six” utilities to increase its gas and electricity prices, adding to pressure on already hard pressed consumers.    The decision to raise its energy prices by an average of 10.8% per cent comes just days after other suppliers have already increased there energy prices. 

EDF Energy Price Increases

EDF has three million domestic customers in the UK that will be effected by this latest price increase.

This now makes it 5 out of the big six suppliers that have increased energy prices over the last few weeks.

Also following behind them but not making the main news headlines has seen a bunch of smaller independent suppliers also raising there energy prices over the last few days.

Commenting on the increase – Martin Lawrence an EDF Director has been quoted as saying – “We know that customers will not welcome this news and do not want to see prices going up”.

EDF Energy Price Updates

EDF Energy’s announcement will not come as much of a surprise to those people that follow the UK energy market.  With recent price increases from other suppliers, it was widely expected that EDF would have to follow shortly.  An increase in Wholesale energy costs and the need for significant investment into the aging UK energy system will sound similar to people who have followed these price announcements over the last few weeks.

The Big Six Energy Suppliers Price Increases

EDF now brings the total to five of the bix six suppliers to raise energy prices

  • SSE – which trades as Southern Electric, Swalec and Scottish Hydro, will increase tariffs by 9% on average on Monday, hitting about five million electricity customers and 3.4 million gas customers.
  • British Gas – will increase tariffs by 6% affecting 8.5 million customers from November 16th.
  • Npower – will increase tariffs by an average rise of 8.8% for gas and 9.1% for electricity affecting some 3 million customers from November 26th.
  • Scottish Power – Announced its prices will rise by an average 7% effecting its 2.3 million customers from December 3rd.
  • EDF – Announced its prices will rise by 10.8% from the 7th December.
  • E.ON – The only one of the big six suppliers that have promised not to increases energy prices this year.

Fixed Energy Price Deals

If you haven’t already looked at alternative deals,  now would be a good time to look at a fixed price option.  With some consumers able to save as much as £200 a year if they switched suppliers.

Currently, the cheapest energy option comes from First Utility, which operates an Internet only based energy account charging an average of £1,054 a year.

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