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  • High Balancing Costs – Ofgem announces review

    This period saw the onset of COVID-19, as well as record high renewable output and saw the ESO incur balancing costs of £718mn between March and July, 39% higher than the normal expected costs for this period.

  • Electricity cheaper, cleaner and harder to control over lockdown

    Under lockdown, electricity was “cheaper, cleaner, but harder to control”, power company Drax found in its most recent Electric Insights report. Published on 31 August, it found that the share of renewables’ was up 32% year-on-year as biomass, wind and solar set new generation records in Q220. Wholesale power prices declined by 42% from the same quarter last year as demand plummeted during lockdown.

  • Gas CHP – Fully Funded Approach

    With our fully funded Gas CHP systems, customers can benefit from on-site electricity, heating and cooling generation and at the same time benefit from a reduced operating cost and improve the carbon footprint.

  • Digital Energy Rebrand

    The rebrand reflects what has always been the companies long term goal: to become a multi-faceted energy consultancy using automatic, integrated, agile data driven systems to empower both customers and themselves alike to drive more efficient, collaborative and accurate outcomes. The new brand truly represents Catalyst’s position as a Digital leader in what feels like at times an analogue energy market.

  • Time of use tariff changes – prepare now

    Time of use tariff changes as part of the network charges make up around a fifth of the total power bill. Larger businesses tend to be settled on a half hourly basis, and have advanced metering to support that. Their network charges have generally been banded into red, amber and green periods with red the most expensive and green the cheapest. These vary by region and distribution network operator (DNO).

  • Green Deal for 2050 net zero target

    The EC said the deal, shown in Figure 1, provides a roadmap to move to a clean, circular economy and stop climate change, revert biodiversity loss and cut pollution. The EC will present the first ‘European Climate Law’ by March 2020. It will also present the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, the new Industrial Strategy and Circular Economy Action Plan, the Farm to Fork Strategy for sustainable food and proposals for pollution-free Europe.

  • UK electricity bill could increase by £270mn annually

    The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) published a report on 7 December, in preparation for the now-postponed Commons vote on the Brexit deal, predicting that a hard Brexit could add £270mn a year to the UK electricity bill.  Titled Elecxit: The Cost of Bilaterally Uncoupling British-EU Electricity Trade, the report said that a “hard elecxit”