Energy Producing Football

A Harvard-designed concept has taken the world of energy by storm, as five female students have produced a football that produces and captures energy whilst it’s being kicked.  The Soccket – as it’s designers have named it – has already been given the thumbs-up by former President Bill Clinton, who has described the product as ‘extraordinary’.

The design team – Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews, Hemali Thakkaras and Aviva Presser – say they hope that families in developing countries can use the ball to power light sources and cell-phone chargers – eliminating the need for harmful kerosene lamps.

Energy Producing Football Idea

Jessica Matthews, part of the team, said: ‘The idea was come together and using art and science pick an issue and try to make it better.

‘We started to think about the time we’d spent overseas and we’d all had this similar experience of seeing kids play.

‘These kids aren’t allowed to be children for very long. They have to deal with very serious issues in their lives every single day.

Energy Producing Football Power

‘Sometimes giving these kids the ball before we even show them the power generation part is such an amazing thing because they have a ball which doesn’t require inflation – you are telling them that the tooth fairy does exist.’

Julia Silverman added: ‘Just as much as we noticed that there was so much universal love for soccer we also noticed there’s a huge market for safe, sustainable immediate power access.’