Energy Trust is Hard to EarnYou can’t self-nominate trust; you can’t tell someone you are trustworthy – they need to know and ‘feel’ that for themself.

Energy Trust

Trust really does underpin all good relationships.

You can’t self-nominate energy trust; you can’t tell someone you are trustworthy – they need to know and ‘feel’ that for themself. The relationship we have as a team, with our clients, with our suppliers and with the wider energy marketplace are pivotal to any success we garner. 

Energy Trust really does underpin all good relationships. Relationships are important to us at Catalyst, which is why we work had to build trust, but it takes time. Trust amongst colleagues and peers is reflected in the way in which our customers and stakeholders see us.

We go out of our way to build this trust with our customers. We do this via:

> Communication and collaboration. Open communications and cross team collaboration ensure the whole business is working together for a common goal. Our brand and brand values believe that trust – especially in a marketplace that’s seen a number of TPIs being untrustworthy – is important.

> Not just of energy contracts but the breakdown of the energy bill. Through our digital platform EaaSi™ we provide visibility and insights to customers. We don’t hide costs; we demonstrate and believe we do this better than others.

> We follow best practice when charging customers and when progressing conflict resolution.

> We are collaborative – we work together for a common goal.

> Trust amongst suppliers and clients is a two-way street. We have to trust that the client or supplier is providing the right information and all the information to enable our team to deliver the services and solutions that best meet the needs of the clients.

> We help our customers comply. Legislation around carbon reporting and requirements on business can be complex and time intensive. We take the pressure off the customer – we do all of this for them, and in the most part automatically through the EaaSi software platform. EaaSi – a digital platform – provides for accuracy of data and carbon reporting submissions.

About Catalyst

Catalyst Digital Energy is an award-winning energy consultancy with a focus on digital energy services, total energy contract lifecycle management and energy management services. It is revolutionising how businesses manage energy with its unique Energy Spend Management Platform, which is powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) EaaSi®.

Catalyst is digitising all aspects of energy, including billing, data, consumption, spend, payments, procurement and emissions reporting. When combined with its fully funded renewable energy solutions, Catalyst offers a unique and powerful approach to managing energy.