Hudson Energy Enters UK Market

Established in 2002 and now one of the largest and fastest growing business energy suppliers in North America, Hudson Energy who is a part of Just Energy Group Inc, a publicly traded Corporation, established in 1997 is set to take its first tentative step into the UK energy in the coming months.

As the largest competitive green energy retailer in North America serving 1.6 million customers, it comes as no surprise that they have gained a reputation for providing reliability and certainty for their business energy customers in a volatile energy market.

Hudson Energy

They are also well adverse with a business model that utilises multiple sales channels through independent, professional energy advisors equipped with the industry knowledge and experience to help business owners make the most informed decisions. The introduction of a new supplier to the UK market is great news for business owners, particularly when they plan to be so competitive on price whilst maintaining a high level of customer experience.

“We welcome and embrace the entry of Hudson Energy to the UK energy market arena, and we hope this will encourage other energy companies to review their pricing structure which will ultimately benefit the end user in a market that has been dominated by the big six suppliers over the last decade.”  – said Chris Hurcombe Managing Director at Catalyst.

Hudson Energy Enters UK Market Summary

Hudson Energy will be entering the market with a range of fixed price energy contracts in late July with an initial soft launch before a full launch expected later in the year.

Q.  Is there a downside to a new UK energy supplier like Hudson Energy.

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