IoT EDGE Platforms for Smart CitiesIoT EDGE Platforms provide a range of benefits for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.

IoT EDGE Platforms for Smart Cities

IoT EDGE platforms can be considered the heart of a smart city.

With IoT EDGE Platforms they integrate and communicate with systems within the buildings and outside the buildings, systems over ground and underground. A true network hub where multiple layers upon layers of data sets, travel from one system to another via the intelligent IoT EDGE platform and its onboard AI driven software.

As the EDGE grows in its expertise so does its learning, it communicates back to these multilinked systems to ensure they’re working harmoniously to the best of their advantage to deliver a truly smart city, smart building and smart infrastructure.

At Catalyst Digital Energy we showcase the real benefits of IoT EDGE computing for our clients;

> lower connectivity costs
> better security practices
> reliable uninterrupted connection
> response time in seconds

Smart cities and smart buildings need smart solutions and that’s where EDGE technology comes to the fore.

Being able to integrate in building solutions and services with those outside of the building as well as incorporating off-grid services and technologies whilst at the same time managing and maintaining an ideal internal environment for the building occupier and reducing the building’s effect on the external environment for sustainability reasons is a big ask.

Not for EDGE technologies. These seamlessly connect to services and systems and through machine learning, enable efficient and harmonious activities meaning all systems are operating to their peak performance for the benefit of the building, occupiers and the environment.

These self-learning abilities and AI capabilities of EDGE based solutions to allow for immediate responses and proactivity. And we all know that the power of machine learning is the future for businesses development and growth, EDGE will be at the forefront of this.

Catalyst Digital Energy can help you harness the power of IoT EDGE Platforms. We are excited to see how far we can develop with EDGE over the coming years, IoT EDGE Platforms won’t stay static it will only continue to progress and grow.

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