Catalyst Scores a Hole in One

Catalyst’s energy procurement services gives Adventure Mini Golf a competitive edge whilst helping lower and control energy costs

Birmingham UK – 1st October 2012 – Adventure Mini Golf is the UK’s first indoor tropical adventure golf complex, featuring two themed 18-hole courses.   For years they have struggled with understanding the complexities of the UK energy market and have been frustrated with trying to obtain and then compare various electricity price offers from suppliers.

We always seem to have been offered wildly erratic price fluctuations, quotes and contract durations from suppliers.” says Managing Director, John Whitehead.

“We wasted many man hours, calling the different electricity suppliers and comparing and analysing our usage, with the end result an impossible task of knowing what was best to do for our business.” continued John.

In a back drop of rising energy costs and having found the whole process frustrating and confusing, as suppliers bamboozled them with varying costs, that were impossible to compare, they turned to the market leading independent energy consultant Catalyst for advice.

Having identified that the supply was a half hourly electricity meter, Catalyst took time to explain the process of obtaining quotes from their wide portfolio of suppliers, and a date was agreed in which initial offers would be presented.

Following an initial tender request, prices were provided from a wide range of suppliers and displayed in an easy to understand comparison chart.  Additional supporting information was provided in the form of market price intelligence, which clearly explained the best opportunity to secure contracts, and the right contract type, and length for the customer’s exact requirements.

A new contract was agreed and Catalyst took care of all the necessary paper work involved, and managed the whole transfer process quickly and smoothly.

I was spending hours on the phone getting varying quotes, tariffs and contract durations and not knowing which was best for us, and then the quotes from Catalyst have been lower than we ever managed to obtain on our own.” commented Managing Director John Whitehead.

Having a dedicated Account Manager who can provide professional advice and guidance, and remove the hassle and complexities of the energy market has proved invaluable for Adventure Mini Golf.

Having now achieved a significant saving in energy costs has helped to improve the company’s overall financial performance.  In addition to this high impact saving, Catalyst have also provided further on going support in the form of a monthly energy consumption report, allowing them to fully understand how and where energy is being used.

“There is no cost for this additional service, this is something that we do as standard for all of our half hourly customers,” explained Director of Operations, Chris Hurcombe.

So pleased and confident in the service that was provided to them, Adventure Mini Golf asked them to also tender for their business gas requirements, where additional savings were quickly identified and achieved.  “Saving money using catalyst was simply a business ‘no brainer’ as it saves us time, hassle and money.” Commented John.

With on going daily market updates the customer is now ideally placed to benefit from future energy purchasing advice offered by Catalyst.

About Adventure Mini Golf

Adventure Island Mini Golf – England’s first ever indoor adventure golf complex featuring two brilliantly themed 18-hole courses.   We are located indoors on our own lush tropical ‘adventure island’ at Star City, Birmingham.  Our courses have been built across three levels and wind past palm trees and volcanoes, through caves, behind waterfalls and through Tiki Villages providing a fantastic and fun leisure experience for all.  Whether you play on your own, as a group, for a children’s birthday party or a corporate event we are open from 10.30am until late 7 days a week! We can even arrange a special event, party or even for a friendly tournament as an alternative team building event within our complex.

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