Net Zero Carbon - How can SME's Reap The Financial BenefitsThe route to NetZero is often confused as a path that is only open to big business and one that SMEs can’t explore, either due to financial constraint or misconception of barriers to entry.

Net Zero Carbon

Ride The Financial Benefits

The route to Net Zero Carbon is often confused as a path that is only open to big business and one that SMEs can’t explore, either due to financial constraint or misconception of barriers to entry.

We don’t believe that should be the case. And with 99% of UK companies falling under the SME category of under 250 employees, at Catalyst Digital Energy we can provide specialist advice and assistance to SMEs on their route to NetZero.

Our team of dedicated consultants and technology experts work closely with SMEs to identify energy and cost saving opportunities from tiny changes and tweaks to in-building systems such as HVAC and lighting, to educating and delivering informative advice to building occupiers on how they can help the business on its journey and the social and environmental benefits of doing so.

The team can also take a lot of the pressure off the finance teams within SME businesses where they are obliged to deliver annual net zero carbon reporting or Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) as part of their annual financial account submissions.

We realise there can be a financial barrier for SMEs and no more so than in this recent economic situation as a result of the COVID pandemic. However, there are many cost benefits of ‘the route to’ NetZero activities and we help SMEs take advantage of these – we create a step-by-step approach.

For SMEs looking at the cost more acutely we advise a cautious approach, with each step bringing financial reward to the business for potential investment in the next step with a spend, recoup and reinvest approach. But baby steps require a managed method to be able to reap the rewards from each to finance the next. And whether you’re achieving netzero2030 in line with other companies or netzero2050 inline with the Government’s initiatives, baby steps mean starting early – starting today… there is no better time like the present.

Net Zero – Building Energy Management

Catalyst Digital Energy can support SMEs to put a plan in place. We start by assessing the current processes and operations of the business.

With building energy management, immediate quick wins are ensuring all energy intensive equipment onsite is switched off when not in use.

Big energy guzzling culprits left running when the building is shut is the lighting and the HVAC; these also contribute to excess consumption in the day if set points are too high/low or the filters are dirty requiring the HVAC to ‘try harder’ to cool/heat.

A simple assessment and re-working of the controls could reap 30% energy savings for the business. Take that saving on a month-by-month basis and reinvest in the next step.

Net Zero – People Energy Management

Now you have the buildings systems in check, we can move onto the building occupiers. Often, they will demand a higher or cooler indoor temperature according to which season were in. Reports and insights can help to educate the occupiers and allow them to see how they are helping save carbon emissions. Building occupiers can switch off lights after use and make sure machinery isn’t idling away when not in use for example.

After the system and the occupiers, the next is the energy supply. How suitable is the building to going off-grid and benefiting from renewable supply, would it benefit from onsite generation and battery storage? Could the current in-building systems benefit from smart city ready solutions – such as heat pumps delivering heating and alternate cooling solutions?

Don’t forget about the fleet, do you wish to join the EV revolution? Encouraging your staff to go green in their travel from walking and cycling to supporting EV cars and providing EV charge points onsite.

Finally, its about promoting your green credentials and route to Net Zero carbon targets and ambitions. Metering and carbon reporting insights deliver the information needed to promote and build your brand – promoting your commitment and achievements to stakeholders close to your business as well as competitors.

Catalyst Digital Energy works with SMEs to identify opportunities and help plan a route to Net Zero Carbon. We advise on suitable technologies. Undertake all of your carbon reporting and energy efficiency validation exercises. We work with you to do what’s best for your business against the budget you have available now. We look for quick wins now whilst planning your long-term goals.

About Catalyst

Catalyst Digital Energy is an award-winning energy consultancy with a focus on digital energy services, total energy contract lifecycle management and energy management services. It is revolutionising how businesses manage energy with its unique Energy Spend Management Platform, which is powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) EaaSi®.

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