Net Zero Target Monitoring and MeasuringThe route to NetZero starts with data and the best most reliable source of data in regard to energy consumption and hence carbon emissions is metering data. However, this metered data needs to be accurate.

Net Zero Target

Whats Your Net Zero Target

The route to a Net Zero Target starts with data and the best most reliable source of data in regard to energy consumption and hence carbon emissions is metering data. However, this metered data needs to be accurate.

Which is why choosing a metering and data collection partner is of utmost importance – a partner that has your best metering interests at heart, to help pave the way to NetZero and provide cost savings at the same time.

Interpreting data from incoming mains supply for carbon reporting and energy efficiency improvements can be near impossible and hugely time consuming when undertaken manually which is why software that collects, interprets and delivers reports and insights from the collected data is a key step for route to NetZero.

Whilst meters are not a new concept, how we collect the data, interpret it and use it is still, unfortunately, an underused activity. Many meters equal much data over a vast time frame – for some businesses that can be hard to manage and report on.

And while there are many analytical software systems on the market the majority churn out reports and gauges informing of consumption patterns, alerting to deviations from a norm or a desired level but then what?

It still requires the business to log in and check what they’re being told. To then interpret that data as a call to action… a call to do what?

That’s when the data just becomes data, it sits there churning out charts and reports and alerts and in time, no one is listening, no one is watching.

Net Zero Target – Monitoring and Measuring Carbon Use

The first steps in analysing your metering data and identifying opportunities for energy savings and route to NetZero activities is to do more granular metering and use the data to paint a picture of what energy you are consuming, where and when.

Once you know this you can then start to look at your energy intensive practices – go for the high-cost quick win ones first.  To see how a change in operation or performance of the building and the systems within can improve your energy consumption, carbon emissions and also reap financial savings for the business. Savings that can in turn be reinvested in more energy efficiency strategies, equipment upgrades or off-grid technologies for example.

The data needs to be concluded to tell you what to do to take action to reduce waste consumption, change building and system operations and cut costs and carbon emissions. We take the data and turn into actionable insights to allow businesses to do just that – make the change and cut costs and carbon.

With NetZero targets firmly on the horizon for most businesses, data is key to identifying your individual route to NetZero, setting targets, promoting targets, validating targets as well as reporting on them – Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR).

Data comes from many places, but meter data validates total energy consumption which in turn provides data for carbon emissions. Meter data tells you inefficiencies within your operations so you can identify and act on these to change operations and tweak BMS and reduce waste consumption to then deliver reduced consumption and emissions, set targets and meet targets.

We then take all available data and do all the carbon reporting (SECR) for you. We take the time intensity away, bring in all available data and deliver the reports.

The insights from the data feed the energy efficiency opportunities available to the business each year. Allowing you to save and reinvest – knowing how much you can save before you take action as the meter data provides the insights into available savings

Is 2021 the year to commit to a Net Zero Target, carbon management and commit to data for energy savings and insights into how to cut carbon emissions and costs? We think it is.

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