O2 Smart Home Roll-Out Thanks To New Partnership

Ground-breaking partnership between Communications Giant O2 and Energy Consultants Catalyst to launch its new smart home automation system, ‘O2 Home’

Catalyst, a Birmingham based energy solutions company have been selected to work with communications giant O2 as an introducer to their customers of the smart home automation system, ‘O2 Home’.

O2 Home allows customers to control their cameras, heating, lights, locks and more with their mobile phone. It’s all controlled through a single app which can be used on a phone, tablet or computer.

Catalyst Sales Manager, Richard Jones said: “We are immensely proud to embark on this partnership with O2, and it is testament to our passion and vision for digital technology that puts us at the forefront of the home automation revolution”.  Richard continued “This partnership allows for the natural evolution of these solutions into the commercial arena where businesses will also be able to benefit from commercial automation services”

O2’s Director of Digital Development, Katy Liddell said “O2 Home uses real, usable digital innovation to empower customers, giving them flexible control over their homes and giving them the peace of mind which comes from knowing everything is fine at home, even when they can’t be there in person.

“O2 Home work with best-in-class product manufacturers, bringing the very best connected home technology to their customers, and we also work with specialists who have established expertise in a number of areas.   That’s why we’re delighted to work with Catalyst and for them to be able to introduce O2 Home to their customers.”

“We’re really excited about the future of this product and how it will enhance the smart home experience.  The partnership with O2 Home complements our existing cloud capabilities and allows us to better meet the demands of our clients”, said Mr Chris Hurcombe, Managing Director of Catalyst.

“As we move into the digital age consumers want integrated smart solutions that can be managed remotely. The O2 Home solution is the perfect fit for this, but we are also excited about the future commercial applications of this product”.

The launch marks the consulting firm’s commitment to providing innovative IoT solutions and helps drives their vision forward and unlock significant value for their commercial clients and end consumers.

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