Staff energy saving training courses

It’s important to make energy saving a team effort and our energy training sets out to focus staff on the cost of energy and how to help reduce consumption in the work place.  By asking individuals involved in your organisation where they think energy is being wasted and encourage them to think about how they can use less, and with everyone on board you can move your company forward towards greater energy savings and improved carbon reduction.  To help you achieve this, we provide workshops and support on energy procurement and awareness energy training.

Courses can be delivered in-house or off-site and are aimed at increasing employees awareness or competence in specific areas.

Our highly experienced trainers can tailor courses to include company-specific issues and high levels of interaction to ensure that your organisation and your employees get the most out of your energy training.   Typically we base the training over half of a working day in small manageable groups.

One simple and low cost way to reduce your business energy consumption is through sensible on site house keeping, and this can be achieved through the simple education of your staff to the importance of energy reduction to your business.

Energy Training Awareness

 Typically a company that is looking to reduce energy consumption can educate there staff on the cost of energy, based on the equipment that is used on your site.  This type of education highlights the average running costs associated with your own equipment and establishes simple ways that staff can help to control and then manage your buildings energy cost more effectively.

We also like to educate your staff on the cost of electricity per kWh and translate this kWh value into everyday appliances so they can fully understanding how many units it takes to run your own equipment.  Only by fully understanding this do people begin to understand just how much it costs to leave your equipment on standby over night or why its more cost effective to switch equipment off when not in use.  We also endorse the implementation of an energy champion in your business or giving team members the responsibility of lowering your energy bill.  It can be particularly effective where companies offer a financial incentive for the team to lower the operating energy cost.

  • Educate your staff in the cost of energy to your business
  • Small groups will learn to take control of your energy running costs
  • Learn how much your equipment costs when running
  • Identify areas where you can reduce energy consumption
  • Cut cost by lowering wasted energy
  • Cost effective energy training services

The next generation of staff energy awareness training

Trying to engage your staff to the benefits of reducing energy consumption can have some huge long term benefits to your business.  But trying to keep them interested and motivated in how your business uses its energy can be extremely difficult.  Experience has shown us that after traditional classroom training sessions, most members of staff buy into the ideas and concepts presented, but over time this enthusiasm and willingness slowly fades away.  It’s also impossible to measure your initial return on investment as traditional class room training doesn’t present a tangible cost saving or carbon reduction measurement.

Online Interactive Training Solution

The most effective way of educating your staff and keeping them engaged is to give people the ability to relate your message of reducing costs and improving your company’s carbon footprint with everyday events and equipment within your own business.  You’ll find that people better relate to this and will have a higher impact to the long term effectiveness of any training.  Combine this with the ability to measure the energy saving results, and the ability to update your energy training programme in real time, you have your own tailor maid solution, which fits your business goals, both today, for tomorrow and can even grow organically with any changes to your business in the future.

You’re Business in a 3D Interactive eLearning Platform

The interactive 3D platform is designed and based on your own business building and is also branded in your own identify or the name of your energy training awareness campaign.  Your staff can then register and login to your online eLearning platform.  Staff can then navigate through your actual building and training is delivered through a series of interactive photographs within your business that can include text, embedded videos, images, PDFs, website links or even YouTube videos.  Following each eLearning module the user then takes a small knowledge understanding quiz of around 10 to 12 multi-choice questions. These questions are randomly chosen from a much larger bank of questions to vary the experience. Once the user has completed the quiz they are presented with your campaign branded certificate.  Future changes to the business can easily be added to your platform and performance can be measured on a regular basis.

Energy Training Summary

Our energy training will help educate your staff in the cost of running your business energy requirements and help to identify areas the energy can be reduced.