Retail Sector - LED Lighting

Retail Sector
October 3, 2017
LED Lighting

The client, an international seller of tea, requested the support of Catalyst in the changeover of store lighting to energy efficient LED lamps and fittings.

The basis for the specific store was highlighted as part of an energy efficiency audit that confirmed that the wiring for the current lighting scheme at this store was a health and safety issue. The audit needed to show that by switching to energy efficient lamps at this store the savings in energy would justify the investment and potentially could be replicated across other stores with a similar return.

Catalyst was already supporting the client in looking at profiling the energy and identifying savings across their portfolio of stores. As a result, having visited the store to assess and survey the issue, a proposal was developed to replace the lighting and rectify the electrical issues at the same time. A payback calculation was developed based purely on a changeover of lighting to LED’s. During the survey it was also noted that there was a lack of light in the storeroom due to the poor luminescence of the existing lamps and was included in the works. The calculation did not take into account the potential increase in sales or staff and customer well-being as a result of brighter displays and shopping experience.

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