Top Tips to Reduce Business Gas Use

Even though the fiscal year only starts in April with the start of the new year many companies begin to revise their expenditures which includes their business gas use and business electricity requirements. In today’s article we bring to you 5 ways to reduce business gas usage, therefore, its costs.

Natural gas is widely used across a number of different industries and sectors for, be it for heating or on industrial processes. Either way, costs with the commodity are usually high and take up a huge slice of the expenditure pie of most companies, reason why saving on business gas is essential.

Here are five tips to help you reduce your business gas expenditures in 2012

1. Increase Efficiency

Increasing efficiency means reducing business gas use and costs, therefore, by being more efficient with the way natural gas is used businesses can reduce their gas bills considerably.

By reducing a degree or two on heaters and adding automatic doors are two ways to increase efficiency. For more ideas please refer to tips 4 and 5.

2. Combine Energy and Heating

Using a combined heating and power service can reduce bills by as much as 30%. Not to mention that a combined service is easier to monitor. Here at Catalyst we provide a service where you can access all your business gas and electricity usage all in one place in an easy to understand report.

3. Install Gas Smart Meters

Traditional gas meters provide a range of estimated meter readings over a given period of time, and allow for no visibility in gas consumption use or the ability to compare gas usage over a given parameter or time frame.

Gas smart meters provide an independent approach to gas smart metering, by combining a range of products and services from different providers to deliver a final solution that fits your requirements.

For detailed information please read: Gas Smart Meter

4. Insulation

According to the highest consumption of business gas use goes to space heating so improving heat retention is vital to reduce consumption and waste. By investing in high quality insulation for buildings and properties business could even cut the reliance on gas powered heating devices in certain rooms.

5. Ask for Professional Help

Nowadays with the avalanche of price comparison sites that promise to find the best deals on business gas and business electricity prices providing money saving alternatives, many will say that hiring energy brokers or energy consultancy firms is a waste of money.

But why waste time looking for the best deals when you could be focusing on the core of your business?

Opposite to what many people think, the UK energy market is very complex and the independent advice offered by energy brokers and consultants helps many companies find the right business energy or business gas contract for their business while the focus on what is important for their businesses.

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