Renewable Energy Concepts Part 2

Renewable Energy Concepts Part 2

Continuing from where we left last week, this week we bring you the final part of our series about innovative ways to generate clean energy. In case you missed the first part you can read it here: Renewable Energy Concepts Part 1.

3. Pedal Power

Nothing high tech and novel about Pedal Power, this clean energy generation concept has been around for many years but it made to this list because of the DIY attitude behind it which highlights the consciousness of those using it to power household appliances.

If you search YouTube you will find a wide array of users who posted videos of their “pedal powered” devices powering all sorts of electronic devices from washing machines to mobile phones. This helps to raise awareness for innovative ways to generate electricity.

4. Energy from Waste

The concept of generating energy from waste still a subject of debate amongst the scientific society. While some experts advocate that it could solve two of the biggest issues faced by modern society nowadays (waste and energy generation) others say that WtE technologies produces only a fraction of the energy that can be saved through recycling, it produces “dirty electricity” since it has the most greenhouse gases (GHG) per fuel type not to mention it is way more expensive than other types of renewable energy generation.

Despite all that the trend seems to be gaining some ground here in the UK as local authorities and private companies are planning to build various EfW (energy from waste) plants across the UK.

The biggest hurdle EfW needs to overcome is with CO2 emissions once that is sorted it will become a viable and effective renewable energy source.

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