Tech Innovation In The Energy System

In order to deliver reliable, clean and cheap power, the energy system is experiencing intense technological innovation, according to Secretary Greg Clark – Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

BEIS’s secretary highlighted the UK’s commitment to new energy technologies at the Energy UK conference in London this past week.  He cited both the demand side management and smart meters as key roles in benefitting consumers while also reducing the impact of climate change.

These are the backbone needed for a thriving economy. An infrastructure on which the rest of the economy depends on and they must make people’s lives better, Mr. Clark stated.

Our government’s role in this is to create the right framework, and together we must harness new technology to deliver secure, cleaner energy at a lower price.

The ultimate goal is an energy system that is reliable, clean, and cheap, Mr. Clark announced. His comments follow a call for evidence on a smarter and flexible energy system. The call was made by BEIS and Ofgem.

BEIS’s secretary also tried to reassure everyone that Brexit will not change the advantages of our electricity market being linked with those in Europe. He also added that the trade is mutually beneficial for British business, consumers and our European counterparts. Mr. Clark noted that as with any negotiation, you eventually find a mutual common ground between those involved.

The changes to the auction system for CfD’s was also cited during the conference. Mr. Clark suggested that they underline the determination to focus on our strengths and as well as getting costs down. He went on to say that this is not simply to protect consumers but to build commercial momentum in the UK that will give us the opportunity to deliver global-scale reductions in emissions.

The changes being made are focused on three things: upgrading our country’s infrastructure, affordability, and security, Greg Clark concluded.