Weathering Stations To Measure Wind Speed and Direction

For the initial stage of the wind farm in East Anglia, there will be the construction of two weather monitoring stations – one in Norfolk and one in Suffolk.  Woods Construction, a Scottish company, will be building the stations for a price of €23 million and is set to be finished by next summer.

The stations will measure both wind direction and speed along with air pressure and temperature. This will allow for main engineering and technical decisions to be made for the wind farm. Once in operation, they’ll be the most technologically progressive weather services in the region.

It can possibly deliver 7,200MW of installed capacity – capable of producing more than enough green energy so that five million homes are powered. It will also be the planet’s biggest renewable energy project.

Ibedrola has every intention of becoming the global leader in the offshore wind farm technology and hopes the project will increase its growth. To attain the goal, the Offshore Business Division is based in Scotland; but, has offices in Berlin, London and Paris. It’s currently developing the offshore wind project in more than 11,000 MW around Northern Europe.