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Under new Ofgem rules insist that domestic and commercial energy suppliers must provide quarterly complaints data on their websites, the start of 2013 gives us a new insight into which of the major UK energy suppliers handle customer complaints the most effectively.

Scottish Power found itself in the favourable position of handling the least complaints (1,359) , with compatriots Scottish & Southern Energy a close second with 1,435.  Meanwhile, at the top of the table, EDF energy handled 8,072 complaints for each 100,000 customers between October and December 2013.  Double the second most-complained about firm N-power and quadruple that of British Gas, the highest-ranking British energy supplier.

Energy Provider Ranking Table

It wasn’t entirely doom and gloom for EDF, though, as they tied with E.ON for the commercial energy company that solves it’s complaints the fastest, with 92.3% of enquires dealt with by the end of the next working day.

Philip Cullum, Ofgem consumer policy partner, said:

“Ofgem is now shining a spotlight on individual supplier performance by getting suppliers to publish better data, more often and more prominently”.

“This should mean that suppliers improve the way they handle complaints and that the things they learn from complainants lead to better services.”

Under the old rules, energy companies had to publish the annual number of complaints not sorted by the day after they were received, and Consumer Focus complied its own data and gave the companies ratings.

EDF Energy said:

“We recognise that last year our customer service levels were not up to the high standard we expect and our customers deserve.”

“However, we’re pleased to report our service levels have improved significantly over the last six months and our new systems are delivering clear benefits to our customers through clearer, more accurate bills and the introduction of better online services.”

The data was compiled by watchdog Consumer Focus, after all the largest energy suppliers had passed on their figures for the end of 2012 to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

According to Consumer Focus, EON, Scottish Power and SSE were the only suppliers to submit figures for the previous quarter and all noted an increase in complaints – thanks to the traditional increase in use of heating during the winter months.

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