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ESOS Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Business Electricity

Business Electricity Our energy experts can help you save money on your electricity contracts.

Business Gas

Business Gas Our business gas experts can help you save money on your gas bills.

Half Hourly Electricity

Half Hourly Electricity Our Energy Broker experts can help you find a cheaper Half Hourly Electricity contract.

Business Water Services

Business Water Services Our business water audit service is a free of charge solution available for any type of business premises.

Energy Advantage

Energy Advantage Our on demand energy management tool.

Energy Market Reports

Energy Market Reports

MOP Contracts

MOP Contracts Meter Operator Agreement (MOP Contracts) for half hourly electricity meters

About Catalyst Commercial Services - Business Energy Consultants

As a market leading UK Energy Broker, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in our field, Catalyst has been helping our clients to reduce their energy costs over the last decade. Catalyst currently works on behalf of thousands of UK companies helping them to make significant savings in their energy bills, through well informed procurement decisions, by eliminating and recovering over payments, and by helping those customers manage their energy consumption through the Catalyst Energy Advantage™ and consumption data reports, and ongoing invoice analysis.

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Business Electricity and Commercial Gas Quoting

Catalyst is independent and purchases energy on behalf of thousands of companies, ensuring that we hold strong purchasing leverage within the market. We provide a free procurement service and only receive an introductory commission from suppliers once your new account is up and running, and our confidence is such that we operate our business with no contractual tie-in with our clients. In addition, Catalyst can help with any other utility needs you may have, including business electricity, business gas, business water and smart meters and are also able to offer professional advice in energy efficiency and demand reduction schemes.

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No one compares more suppliers than Catalyst Commercial.

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