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admin July 5, 2012
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Catalyst are the UK’s market leading independent business energy brokers and utility consultants, specialising in energy procurement services, sustainability and environmental services. Catalyst currently works on behalf of thousands of UK companies helping them to make significant savings in their energy bills, through well informed procurement decisions, by eliminating and recovering over payments, and by helping those customers manage their energy consumption through our Catalyst Energy Advantage™ consumption data reports, and ongoing invoice analysis.

Our independent approach, comprehensive supplier panel and high levels of service, along with a number of unique characteristics define us as one of the leading energy brokers in the UK and as a market leading Energy Broker, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in our field, and have been helping our clients to reduce their energy costs for over a decade.  You will find our business energy services flow into 4 main sections – Procurement, Reporting, Analysis & Management and Reduce & Generate and our proposition follows a natural pattern of progression from identifying your initial procurement decisions, through to identifying trends in your energy consumption, to managing and reducing any key areas identified.

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Business Energy Brokers, Based in the UK

As one of the UK’s leading energy brokers, we can even offer you the ability to self generate your own energy and both manage and control your carbon footprint whilst at the same time improving your business environmental credentials and your bottom line.  We manage all of this through a team of industry energy experts that can offer advice and support at just the right level that you require.  For more complex projects we can deploy a range of industry leading experts to our clients so you can quickly and easily access our key suppliers that complement and support our range of energy broker services.  We know that trying to find the best energy deal for your business can be a daunting and complex task.  Trying to make sense of all the different suppliers, tariffs, service levels and small print is a time-consuming business.  Not to mention that your daily and seasonal demand patterns all need to be taken into consideration too when comparing offers.  We have a preferred and extensive portfolio of established and reliable utility companies that provide us with direct access to a huge range of tariffs and prices.  Our Account Managers take time to understand your business, so that we can recommend the best electricity or gas contract for your needs, ensuring you get the right combination of price and service level.

As market leading Business Energy Brokers we take the time to understand your business needs and your existing infrastructure inside out, so that we can come up with with cost-effective solutions that really sharpen your competitive edge.

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  • Monthly Energy Reports

    • Catalyst Business Energy Market Brief April 2014 – Crimea tensions fail to halt continued slide

      Crimea tensions fail to halt continued slide Despite gas and electricity prices surging 10% on 3 March following heightened tensions in Crimea, gas and power prices fell over the month as the threat of conflict diminished. But increased volatility characterised March from this point onwards. Overall, economic fundamentals of… Continue Reading »

    • Catalyst Business Energy Market Brief March 2014 – Energy Prices Remain Flat

      Breaking News: Ongoing Ukraine crisis has major impact on gas prices: – The continuing political uncertainty in Ukraine is having a knock-on effect on UK gas prices because the country is vital in getting Russian gas across the continent to Western Europe. Gas contracts on the UK NBP and… Continue Reading »

    • Catalyst Business Energy Market Brief February 2014 – Energy Prices Falling

      Gas and Power Drop Following Warmer Winter This January, temperatures have been on average 15% higher than the seasonal norm, contributing to lower demand for power and gas. Alongside this, falling oil prices have pulled the annual power and gas contracts down. Short-term prices have been lower with high… Continue Reading »

  • Latest News

    • Energy Companies Make Good on ‘Half Switching Time’ Promise

      14-Day Switching Time Promise Private and commercial energy customers have been promised a reduced switching time when changing energy companies by the end of the year.  After a push from Energy & Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey, the… Continue Reading »

    • UN Calls for ’Tripling’ of Renewable Energy Use

      ‘Tripling’ of Renewable Energy Use The United Nations has to called on world leaders to triple the planet’s use of renewable energy in a new report on climate change this month.  Titled “Mitigation of Climate Change” by the… Continue Reading »

    • Key Facts from the 2012 EuroStat Renewable Energy Report

      EuroStat Renewable Energy Report – 2012 Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union have released their long-awaited publication on renewable energy consumption in the twenty-eight EU member states for 2012. Revealed at the end of last month,… Continue Reading »

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Chris co-founded Catalyst Commercial Services in 2001, and has had a very successful 15-year career in the utilities industry at Director level. Chris is an authority on how businesses need to change and adapt to a future of constrained energy resources, global warming and evolving consumer expectations. He is well known and respected throughout the energy industry and regularly contributes to leading energy market publications. He also has a passion for rugby and has played semi-professional rugby at a high level including many representative honours both in the UK and around the World. Follow Me On Google+ View all posts by Chris Hurcombe →

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