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  • Corporate Net-Zero Standard

    The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) launched the Terms of Reference for the revision of the Corporate Net-Zero Standard. The Terms of Reference detail the objectives, scope, deliverables, provisional timeline, and engagement opportunities during the standard revision process.

  • energy billing transparency

    Energy billing transparency has always been a problem, now Ofgem have recently published guidance on non-domestic best practices and voluntary standards to improve billing transparency for non-domestic customers.

  • scope 3 emissions net zero targets

    The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) published a report on the 7th March in which it examined the success of its Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign, which ran between June 2019 and October 2021. The report sets out the key findings from the campaign, as well as feedback from participating companies and key learnings and recommendations.

  • Review of Energy Market Arrangements (REMA)

    The UK Government recently published its long-awaited second consultation on the Review of Electricity Market rrangements (REMA). A key announcement within the second consultation is the government’s further consideration of a zonal pricing market in GB.

  • Identifying a Half Hour Meter

    So how do you know if you have a half hour electricity meter? It’s actually quite straight forward, and all you will need to find this out is a recent copy of your electricity bill. It doesn’t have to be the latest half hourly electricity invoice, any recent bill will do.

  • electric vehicle charging report

    The report states that current progress to move to EVs is too slow, noting that EVs are more expensive than their petrol and diesel counterparts and there is not a sufficient amount of affordable EVs on the market.

  • Green Skills Outlook

    According to the Green Skills Outlook report published by ScottishPower on 18 January, a large proportion of the UK workforce are missing the skills needed to create a greener economy.

  • Business Energy Supplier Obligations

    Business Energy Supplier Obligations were reviewed during Decemebr as Ofgem published a statutory consultation following its non-domestic market review, setting out a number of proposals around the Standards of Conduct (SoC), Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), customer support, and complaints handling standards.

  • Chancellor Delivers Autumn Statement

    In the statement, the government reiterated its intentions to remove barriers to investment in critical infrastructure by reforming the UK’s planning system and speeding up electricity grid connection times.

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