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Looking at jobs in energy sector, we genuinely see our employees as one of our most valuable assets to our business success and strive to attract high caliber individuals who can add to our current team of energy broker experts.

We are always keen to receive applications from applicants who have either experience of the industry or the necessary skills to offer. All staff positions feature excellent remuneration packages, bonus schemes and private health insurance.

To apply for these positions please write enclosing your C.V. to:-

Private & Confidential Human Resource Department, Jobs in Energy Sector, or e-mail [email protected]

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Please note – We will not accept cold calls from recruitment agencies or consultancies offering their services to fill vacancies. This is company policy. Catalyst uses a direct recruitment model and therefore does not require the services of any third parties.

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Business Development Manager Home Based Account Management January 2, 2023
Office Administrator Office Based Energy Team August 30, 2019
Energy Validation Analyst Office Based Energy Team August 30, 2019
Energy Pricing Analyst Office Based Energy Team August 30, 2019
Energy Consultant Office Based Energy Team August 30, 2019
Account Manager Office Based Energy Team August 30, 2019
BDM – (Home Based) Home Based Account Management August 30, 2019
BDM – (Public Sector) Home Based Account Management August 30, 2019
Strategic Relationship Manager Home Based Account Management August 30, 2019

Jobs in energy sector can be demanding but extremely fulfilling for those with an interest in sustainability and renewable generation.

Energy Consultant Jobs in the energy sector can be challenging as they often involve working with complex systems and technologies, and may require long hours or travel. However, many people find these jobs to be extremely fulfilling, as they have the opportunity to contribute to the development and implementation of clean and sustainable energy sources.

This can be particularly meaningful for those who are passionate about environmental issues and the impact of energy production on the planet. Additionally, the energy sector is an important and growing industry, so there is often a wide range of opportunities for advancement and professional development within the field.

Another aspect to consider when it comes to energy jobs is the diversity of the energy industry. Energy jobs can be found in a variety of settings, including offices, labs, manufacturing plants, and field locations.

This means that there is a range of work environments and different job duties to choose from, depending on an individual’s interests and skills.

For example, some energy jobs may involve working in a laboratory setting, researching and developing new energy technologies and processes.

Others may involve working in the field, installing and maintaining energy equipment.

Others may involve working in sales or marketing, helping to promote and sell energy products and services. No matter what type of energy job someone is interested in, there is likely to be a role that matches their skills and interests.