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Energy Partnerships Broker Channel - Online Pricing ToolEnergy Partnership

Our Energy Partnerships – Broker Channel provides you with an online electricity and gas pricing tool which works in conjunction with our introducer programme, making it quick and easy for you to provide an instant quote to your customer, without the need to contact us.

Simply fill out your customers information, enter the supply details and the online software will do the rest. Providing you instantly with an extensive choice of suppliers, comparing offers, and choose from 1,2,3,4 or 5-year prices.

Your customer will receive an instant email with the most competitive quote provided. They can instantly signup online or you can refresh prices at any time in the future.

And if prices change at anytime before the customer has decided, don’t worry the software will update automatically and inform them via SMS and email that a new offer is now available.

Business Energy Online Quote

Energy Partnerships Business Partner - Introducer Programme

Our Business Partner Channel is designed for enterprises that use business partners to help market and promote value added services to their customer base.

Since 2005 we have offered a range of services allowing companies deploying our sales module to use their own Content, Business or Partner Channel implementations.

The Partner Channel enables companies to map multi-tier products and services and manage them centrally through our energy partnerships network of professional energy consultants.

Energy Bureau

The Introducer Programme

Designed for those companies that will provide a regular minimum amount of new sales leads. An introducer does not sell direct products or services themselves, but rather will refer a potential client on, either through passing contact details and so forth on to us, or by arranging a meeting between the parties.

Once the introduction is made, the introducer steps back and will have no further role in the relationship between the supplier and the customer.

The negotiation, selling and supply remains our sole remit, unless you already have a strong working relationship with your client, in which case we can provide you with our formal quote instead.

We can offer a range of value added services to your existing customer base or allow you to utilise our knowledge and skills in offering additional solutions to your customers that your business doesn’t currently support.

We manage this either by operating as an extension to your existing organisation or we can work as a duel branded provider of additional services or solutions to your customers. All products and services are currently supported through our Introducer Programme.

A company could make its customer database available to Catalyst through our Introducer Programme, with special rules defining how the data and functions are managed. Catalyst then builds its own channels for business customers on the retailer’s brand. It is even possible to implement additional partner channels and further solutions in this way.

The convenient exchange of customers and orders is governed by predefined rules, with each partner increasing revenue via a profit sharing system.

> Integration of partner sales channels
> White label energy service
> Closed energy buying schemes
> Connection to partner back end systems
> Content syndication
> Graphical links
> Energy Reseller
> Energy affiliate scheme
> Energy affiliate programme
> Bespoke partner energy quote

How you can join our energy partnerships solution with us to provide you a full range of energy services direct to your customers. This typically involves our partners marketing directly to their customers offering a review on their energy contracts.  We give you full access to our total independent approach and huge supplier panel, allowing you to provide a first class service to your customers.

Our energy partnerships support a vast range of vertical industries all with a goal of providing an existing customer base with a relevant value added service.  For example we support a number of energy management companies that provide energy management services for their clients, but are unable to provide and advice or support on any contractual requirements a customer may have.

Business Water Partner Channel

Our commercial water partner channel provides a full end to end solution for all of your client’s needs.  From cost recovery to procurement, from leak detection to auditing, we have a range of services that can be tailor made to your needs.  The opening of the water market in England now provides a huge opportunity to partner with a water expert that already has over a decade of experience in this market.

Business Partner Testimonials

“I have been a partner business with Catalyst for a number of years now. Over that time I they have always provided a first class service. I have grown my business considerably in recent years and Catalyst have played a big part in that growth. Of particular note, the reporting of contracts signed and forecast of future payments due is very useful. Quotations and offers from suppliers are always received very quickly and in a presentable format that I don’t need to edit which, in turn, means I can present the various options back to my clients quickly”. Well done Catalyst!

“Having worked closely with Catalyst for a number of years I have always found them to be the consummate professional. There is rarely a situation where they don’t have the ideal solution or perfect insight. They have a vast industry knowledge through extensive experience of the energy industry – One of the good guys among a sea of rouges.”

Risk Managed Flexible Energy Procurement

Designed to support existing SME energy brokers or consultants in creating access to risk managed flexible products without the need for investment.  Providing a low risk, low cost approach to those organisations that want to offer and sell flexible energy contracts but don’t either understand enough about wholesale energy trading or don’t want the large setup and ongoing cost associated with managing flexible contracts.

> Fully white labelled service and access to various flexible products enables wider options to your current and future client base.
> We negotiate the optimum flexible contracts on your behalf with suppliers and then combine a variety of flexible trading techniques to achieve procurement solutions optimising risk managed strategies.
> Reduces the risk of losing clients and enhances your knowledge of the flexible energy arena and execution, whilst minimising setup and operating costs.
> Combine volume to enable optimisation on the number of micro clips available and then minimise the risk (Fixed Contract) of making a poorly timed buying decision by making multiple trades.
> Manage market volatility to your advantage through intelligently timed trades and avoiding the highest market prices, whilst performing well against the market average.

wholesale electricity prices

“This solution is designed for existing energy brokers or consultants, looking to access flexible energy contracts for customers with greater than 1GWh consumption”

Fully Funded Renewable Energy Solutions

Supported by our range of technology partners, Catalyst can also provide access to our consulting services where we evaluate a sites potential for renewable generation.

With an initial desktop survey we evaluate a sites potential for the best blend of energy reduction solutions such as Solar PV, Gas CHP, Biomass, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Battery Storage and Wind Generation.

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Our energy broker solution provides all the tools for you to quickly become an energy broker in your own right, with the support of an award winning energy consultancy.