Energy Metering SolutionsOur Energy Metering Solutions allows a business to choose what hardware is the best fit for your needs.

When we talk about Energy Metering Solutions, we are generally talking about obtaining data in addition to the standard data available at the supply meter. We can however support individual metering and connection needs, from single sites to large multi-site portfolios. This includes new connections and the installation of smart metering.

However, with the rise in energy costs and the drive for a more sustainable outlook, along with a focus on net zero carbon, many businesses are looking for energy metering solutions that go beyond just the meter.

This can be the ability to understand the amount of energy used in a particular circuit or individual pieces of plant equipment.  With advances in technology along with lowering cost points its also possible to monitor down to individual socket points now also.

Energy Metering Solutions

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and you can’t control when you have no controls.

Energy Metering Solutions Made Easy - Catalyst Digital Energy is proud to bring the power of Edge computing to its suite of digital energy services.

The advances in the world of IoT, the advent of 5G and faster networking technologies plus the emergence of lower data and hardware costs has pushed forward the next generation of dynamic building energy management – enter the era of the EDGE.

Tapping in to the most progressive IoT and edge computing technology, Catalyst Digital Energy’s solution gathers layers of additional mission critical energy data and activates its Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered energy management software to provide unrivaled energy control and analytics.

This level of computing is revolutionising the way data is handled, processed, and delivered. Edge technology makes it possible and cost effective to both monitor and control beyond simple pieces of equipment.

Catalyst Digital Energy offers a wraparound consultancy service to further enhance the power of the AI enabled IoT controller.

A team of energy experts work closely with clients to identify all areas of potential energy and operational efficiency, the EDGE device is then specified and installed, and its control strategy aligned with the requirements of the business. Requirements can range from energy and operational improvements, process and performance management, deliver on health and safety measures as well as management of internal air quality control and wellness for building occupiers.

Once installed and configured, the team at Catalyst Digital Energy focus on the data and the insights the EDGE device delivers. Consuming the data within the EaaSi platform to process against other metrics such as energy and weather to evaluate and evidence energy, operational and performance efficiency improvements.

Other wraparound solutions include consultancy with the building occupiers, to help support behavioral change strategies for the business, influencing and engaging building occupiers to change the demands they have on the building such as internal temperature and closing windows and doors in winter months. Making sure that their actions are also efficient for the benefit of the business but keeping health and wellbeing for the occupiers in mind.


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    Benefits of the EDGE

    Edge eliminates the latency issues associated with cloud computing. Because it is more powerful, Edge enables the local collection, storage and analysis of data without waiting for data to be derived from the cloud and then passed back to the device.

    While cloud computing is agile it loses speed for every 100 miles data travels, approximately 0.82 millisecond and it cannot sustain the growing demands of growing IoT applications. By combining AI and edge computing, IoT solutions are more powerful because the latency issues associated with cloud computing are eliminated.

    As smart developers we explore ways to combine AI with IoT to help companies in a variety of industries benefit from the data generated by connected devices.

    The ultimate goal is to improve production capabilities, gain efficiencies and reduce operating costs by delving into real-time data from multiple points to produce actionable insights.

    The combination of AI and IoT boosts the capabilities of the devices that run these applications to contribute to improved business processes.

    Catalyst Digital Energy has the Edge:

    > Edge has a faster processing power that can react at lighting speed to programmed ‘learned’ actions. All the logic and controls are processed on the device as close to the source of streaming sensor data as possible at the Edge, rather than in the cloud.

    > Edge has clever algorithms supported by AI, it is constantly learning and improving each day delivering more power and opportunities for businesses to leverage improvements in operational performance, asset activities, energy efficiency. While optimising building and asset performance and delivering financial benefits to business and process improvements.

    > Edge is a highly compact solution that delivers unprecedented low latency for onsite data processing, real-time analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities.

    > Edge combines existing data feeds from traditional BEM’s or adds new data points to gather as much or as little as required and allow the machine learning capability to manage energy in new and exciting ways. The possibilities are endless when combined with additional non-energy data such as temperature points or footfall.

    > Catalyst Digital Energy helps unlock the power of multiple IoT devices, helping many devices communicate helping business gain real value and insight from combined Energy IoT Management Solutions and IoT sensors.

    Ultimately Edge delivers the industry’s lowest total cost for computing requirements, communications services, and cloud processing and storage.

    The ability to collect data on a scale never before imaginable has become reality with the implementation of the IoT, Edge computing takes IoT one step further and enables faster running and fewer processes in the cloud and moves many processes to on premise. This opens the gateway to AI Technology which provides the most advanced approach to energy management available at a cost point that is far lower than traditional hard wired solutions.

    Data isn’t limited to just sending as it can also receive instructions remotely and in real time, so we are not just talking about data collection, we are talking real time control also.

    Load Shifting and Load Shedding

    The benefits of Demand Side Response can be quickly realised by businesses of all shapes and sizes, not just those that are signed up to the National Grid DSR programmes. It is a common misconception that DSR is only aligned with the National Grid; there is an opportunity for all businesses to reap the rewards of DSR without being attached to the Grid’s schemes directly.

    Whilst only some businesses can join up to DSR with the National Grid, almost all businesses can benefit from the activities DSR promotes. It’s all about shifting or shedding load away from high tariff times of the day. Cutting cost to the business and aligning yourself with Grid required activities helping to relieve pressure on the Grid when it’s in most demand.

    DSR promotes intelligent energy use – by shifting and shedding energy at key times.

    Even if your business does not currently produce enough load or perhaps the business is currently not in a position to work with the Grid directly, Catalyst Digital Energy can open up the opportunities that DSR brings.

    1. Load shifting – shifting energy consumption off grid, to systems such as battery storage or solar PV for a period of time. We will undertake a survey to identify the cost benefits of embracing off-grid solutions.
    2. Load shedding – is reducing your business’ energy demand at a time in the day when energy costs are greatest, known as Time of Use tariffs. During these times the cost of energy is proportionally higher, which is why it makes sense to look at what activities can be altered to reduce your business energy consumption during these times and reaping the financial rewards.

    A small change to the HVAC and refrigeration controls could allow for lower energy demand by these key items at certain times of day.  For manufacturing facilities, high energy use equipment could be turned off or a shift change ensuring its being used when tariff costs are lower.

    1. TRiAD avoidance – Catalyst Digital Energy also keeps your business on the right side of TRiADs. These take effect every year between November and February and are added to your electricity bill. Shifting or shedding energy consumption during the times when TRiADs are expected to hit provides further financial rewards for the business.

    How We Work

    The team at Catalyst Digital Energy will review your metering data and identify potential areas where energy savings can be achieved. At this stage we also consider all day energy savings outside of the aforementioned high tariff times. Ensuring all practices and operations are running efficiently.

    With visibility of metering data we then undertake a survey or desktop survey of your business, systems and operations that are consuming energy. We review the opportunities and costs benefits of shifting or shedding load from key equipment at certain times of the day.

    To find out how your business can activate DSR and reap the financial rewards, please contact the team.