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Business Gas and Electric Comparison

Are you looking for an Online Business Energy Quote, well we work with more energy companies than any other energy Broker, to get you the best deal on your commercial electricity and gas. Use our FREE, impartial service to Compare Business Gas and Electricity Prices Online with our simple online energy comparison tool. Find out how much you could save on your business gas and business electricity and compare a large range of leading energy suppliers and contract lengths instantly.

Businesses can instantly save money with our online comparison tool by cutting overheads on their commercial energy spending. You can get instant access to a range of quotes for your commercial gas and electricity with a minimum of fuss by comparing prices quickly online. With a full range of the UK’s leading energy suppliers to choose from, you can easily compare different suppliers’ offers and even switch online instantly to a new supplier. With a huge choice of 1,2,3 or even 4-year prices, you can select the right product for your own business requirements in your own time without the hassle.

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    Current Electricity or Gas Contract Coming to an End?

    Its really important that before you decide to compare the business energy market, that you are free to do so and are not tied in with your current provider. You can easily do this by calling your supplier on the customer service phone number that appears on the top of your utility bill, and simply ask them when your current contract comes to an end and what you need to do to provide them with a formal notice of termination.

    Some smaller business users fall into the category of a “micro business” in the UK, and if you are classed as a micro business then your supplier has an obligation to send you a reminder in the post.

    Within this letter your supplier will set out detail about when your existing contract comes to an end, details about terminating your contract with them, and the potential pitfalls if you ignore the letter.

    If your company isn’t classed as a “micro business” then the onus is on your company to manage the termination process, as set out in your terms and conditions, when you agreed to your current contract. Then if you are happy that you will have no current contract issues you can use our Online Business Energy Quote.

    How To Terminate Your Existing Agreement

    For business energy contracts if you don’t terminate your existing agreement with your current supplier, then your current supplier can and will extend the contract for another year. Unfortunately as this will automatically happen then you can expect a significant increase in your standing charge and unit rates. You are then stuck in this new higher rate for the next 12-months.

    Over the years our energy consultants have seen many examples of this, with some suppliers literally doubling the bills of its customers during this period. Remember if you don’t terminate your contract you’ll see substantial increases for yourself. And once you have terminated don’t forget to then sign a new agreement otherwise you’ll be placed on “out of contract” rates with your current supplier.

    We recommend that you provide a formal notice of termination to your current supplier and confirm when your current contract comes to an end. This avoids any potential out of contract rates and ensures that you can quickly and smoothly transfer to a new supplier, without objection from your existing supplier.

    Be sure to provide any final meter readings and settle any outstanding debt on your account to avoid any delay in the transfer of your new contract. You can find some more information on the termination process on our contract termination page, you’ll even find a free termination letter template that you can use.

    Rollover and Out of Contract Rates

    Please don’t forget to agree a new contract with a supplier as soon as you have formally terminated your existing energy contract. Failure to do so means that you have no contract at all with a supplier and although they will continue to supply you with electricity or gas they will do so at a higher rate than an agreed contract.

    Typically at 40% more as they still have to supply energy but on a much shorter notice period and with the risk that you may leave at any time. These rates are called “out of contract” rates and these are even higher than roll over contract rates.

    You will remain on these higher rates until such a time when you agree a new contract. With most commercial energy customers having energy contracts for fixed periods lasting one year or longer, its vital that you are aware of your notice period requirement set out in your specific terms and conditions.

    This will state an exact period of time up to 90-days prior to the end of your contract when the obligation is on you as a customer to terminate, allowing enough time to switch to another supplier.

    Only a hand full of suppliers will provide you with a notice of your renewal date, but if they do, then these usually contain the exact requirements needed and time lines in which you need to act. If you miss these deadlines you’ll be automatically rolled over for another year.

    By providing your notice of termination to your supplier doesn’t prevent you from staying with them, it just stops them from automatically keeping you.

    Supplier Renewal Letters

    Back in January 2010, Ofgem brought in new rules for “micro businesses” so energy and gas providers must send out renewal reminder letters a full three months before the end of a contract. To check if your business is classed as a “micro businesses”, If you’re not in this group, then no renewals or reminder letters will be sent and the onus is on you to check your current terms.

    Why Compare Business Gas and Electricity Prices Online

    Once you have the termination process in hand, you can start to check the energy market for the latest prices, you can either do this yourself by ringing around all the suppliers, using our online business energy comparison service or using our business energy broker service.

    If you are looking to compare either electricity or gas prices then this is one of the easiest ways to compare prices in your own time. Simply select the option that suits you best from our panel of providers and switch suppliers within a few minutes.

    > Quickly and easily compare prices online

    > Catalyst is independent, impartial and works with all energy companies

    > Compare Electricity and Gas suppliers in just a few minutes

    > It’s free of charge to compare and there’s no disruption to your supply when you switch

    > Prices are updated automatically when you refresh offers

    The Final Switching Process

    We monitor and track any new supplier registration to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer. Your new contract cannot begin until your existing agreement has expired, so its really important to use your confirmed contract start date up to three months in advance. Here’s an overview to switching your gas or electricity:

    > Ensure you terminate your contract within the time frame set out in your terms and conditions to avoid a rollover contract.

    > Use our online business energy comparison tool to enter your supply details and compare quotes online to find the cheapest available.

    > Ensure you sign up to a new agreement to avoid any out of contract rates.

    If you need any additional guidance or help, please feel free to call our energy team or request a call back from them today.

    Review and Compare Business Gas and Electricity Prices Online

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    Would you like to speak to one of our energy advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

      I would like to discuss:

      Can I compare business energy prices online without having to switch?

      Yes you can compare prices from a range of suppliers before making any decision to switch.

      Can I swap business energy suppliers online?

      Yes you can first compare prices then switch to your new chosen supplier if you so wish.

      How To Compare Business Gas and Electricity Prices Online?

      Simply check for quotes on commercial energy or business gas by inputting your postcode and let us find the bargains for you. You’ll find low-cost commercial energy rates on gas and electricity, so you can power your business for less using our online quoting tool.

      Can I compare both my business gas and electricity online?

      Yes we provide a range of electricity and gas quotes from different suppliers. So you can obtain quotes from a range of suppliers.

      Can I swap business energy suppliers online?

      Yes you can first compare prices then switch to your new chosen supplier.