Wholesale Gas PricesThese prices are updated to reflect the wholesale gas prices that gas suppliers are paying

The Latest Business & Commercial Gas Prices – UK Business Wholesale Gas Prices are determined in a traded market where the price is set by the marginal gas transaction. When the first pipeline between the UK and continental Europe was opened in 1998 a link was established between UK Commercial Gas Prices and the oil-indexed prices in continental Europe.  Review our Gas Procurement Brochure and an overview of our gas product selection process.

The introduction of LNG to the UK adds a more global component to UK gas prices. In the future, the UK will be competing with US and Asian markets for LNG cargoes that can, to some extent switch between destinations across the globe.  The UK natural gas market therefore, faces a paradigm shift both in supplies, a move from domestic gas production to global imports, and in prices, with a growing link to global gas and oil prices as you can see in our wholesale gas price graph.

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UK Wholesale gas prices are one of the worlds most volatile commodities.

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    UK Day Ahead Wholesale Gas PricesThis chart shows the price of gas on the wholesale market in GB for delivery the next working day

    wholesale gas prices - day ahead - 11.06.24

    Last Updated 11.06.24

    Day ahead gas prices track the real time market events and as such tend to be more reflective of the actual true market conditions.  These markets are exposed to immediate market events such as an outage or maintenance issues or supply and demand fundamentals.

    This time of year the weather also plays an important part for ovbious reasons, if its cold we are more likely to see an increase in demand.

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    UK Gas Price Chart - Season Ahead - Winter 2024This chart shows the price of gas on the wholesale market in GB for delivery period - Winter 2024

    wholesale gas price chart Win24 - 11.06.24

    Last Updated 11.06.24

    Wholesale gas prices can be purchased on a season ahead basis and this chart shows how prices have performed over a period of time.  These prices are more closely aligned with key market drivers and are influenced by current events such as geopolitical tension or weather fronts.

    UK Gas Prices Chart - Summer 2025This chart tracks the prices of the next front Summer season

    wholesale gas chart - Sum25 11.06.24

    Last Updated 11.06.24

    Whilst the absolute gas price level has increased materially recently, the rise in gas prices has been in line with changes in oil prices so the parity of gas relative to oil prices is within a historically observed range. The growing reliance on imports means the outlook is for a significant increase in out turn gas prices although it is expected to remain below parity with crude oil prices. In addition to this the recent ability to extract US shale gas reserves has had a significant impact on the supply and distribution of gas around the world and with recent government policy giving the green light to start extraction in the UK, then we can expect some kind of impact here. But as to what extent if any this will have on the UK wholesale market price is yet to be seen.

    Gas Prices Summary

    With wholesale gas prices changing throughout the day it can be extremely difficult to keep up to date with the latest trends int he pricing market. We offer a comprehensive commercial gas consultancy service that helps you find the right commercial gas and business gas contracts. Our commercial gas consultants will search the UK’s top wholesale gas suppliers to find the cheapest gas prices allowing you to quickly compare your current gas rates UK cost with our range of wholesale gas prices and compare gas prices per kwh on your business gas quotes. You will see some interesting spikes in the industrial gas prices over the years as major world events have impacted on our wholesale gas prices graph.  You can find aditional information on our wholesale electricity prices.

    With every major business looking for new ways to reduce carbon emissions and improve the company’s bottom line, Gas CHP generation is extremely underutilised and undervalued in the UK when compared to Europe.

    Gas CHP Solutions or Combined Heat and Power (Gas CHP) is a very efficient method of generating heat and electricity from a single process and single gas fuel source. The process has lower carbon emissions when compared to the more traditional forms of generation and also provides lower energy costs than traditional grid reliance.

    Are gas prices going down UK?

    UK Wholesale gas prices are one of the worlds most volatile commodities, and as such prices fluctuate throughout the day for various forward delivery dates.

    Can I buy bulk gas?

    With sufficient volume a customer can access the wholesale gas markets through a flexible gas contract. These are usually offered by energy consultants as they need to risk managed.

    Do wholesale gas prices fluctuate?

    Like any future traded commodity wholesale gas prices fluctuate daily based on a number of market drivers. Different contract periods also trade at different prices such as within day, day ahead and month ahead.

    Why are gas prices going up in UK

    The simple reason is that demand is increasing again as the economy rebounds from the pandemic, and we have a shortfall of gas supplies as we rely heavily on imported gas in the UK.

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      Demystifying UK Gas Prices: Understanding the Factors that Influence UK gas prices.

      Gas prices in the UK can often feel like a mystery, with costs seemingly fluctuating without any obvious explanation. If you’ve ever wondered why the cost of gas in UK can vary so significantly, it’s time to demystify the factors that influence the price of commercial gas.

      Understanding these gas price factors can not only help you make sense of the price differences but also equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to understanding the commercial gas price that relates to your requirements.

      One of the major contributors to UK gas prices is the global supply and demand outlook for the supply of gas in the UK, and the UK receives a lot of its gas from Norway, the UK continental shelf, as well as interconnectors feeding the UK from Belgium and the Neverlands.

      The UK also has 3 liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals at South Hook, Dragon, and Milford Haven for special gas ships that deliver LNG gas directly into the UK system. In addition to these supplies the UK also has limited gas storage facilities.

      Current commercial gas prices UK are influenced by factors such as geopolitical tensions, supply and demand dynamics, and global economic conditions. In addition to this, local taxes and government policies can also have a significant impact on the UK gas price.

      The fundamental principle of supply and demand plays a crucial role in determining gas prices in the UK. When demand for gas surpasses supply, prices tend to rise, and vice versa. Several factors contribute to the supply and demand dynamics in the UK gas market.

      Firstly, the UK’s reliance on imported gas puts it at the mercy of global market forces. Any disruptions in the global supply chain, such as political conflicts or natural disasters, can impact gas availability and drive prices up. Additionally, changes in domestic demand, influenced by factors like weather conditions and economic activity, can lead to fluctuations in prices.

      Moreover, the transportation and storage infrastructure plays, a vital role in ensuring a steady supply of gas. Inadequate infrastructure or maintenance issues can disrupt the flow of gas, leading to supply shortages and higher prices.

      Understanding these dynamics can help individuals and businesses plan ahead and anticipate potential price fluctuations.