Funding Renewable EnergyFully Funded Energy Generation - From solar panels to combined heat and power (CHP), discover new ways of generating and storing energy

Funding Renewable Energy, PPA, Finance or Self Funding

If you are looking for a choice of funding renewable energy options, and want to compare different approaches then our team of energy consultants can discuss an approach that would work for you.

Catalyst has exclusive arrangements in place with our technology partners to offer businesses, public sector, commercial landlords and community groups an alternative way to fund clean renewable energy generation projects, secure a reduced electricity or heat tariff and reduce carbon emissions.

This partnership provides access to 100% funding for solar renewable energy projects through a power purchase agreement (PPA) or Finance services.

Our consulting service uses a data driven approach to review the viability of a wide range of solutions all in one go.  Where most offerings look at different solutions in isolation.

Funding Renewable Energy

Funding renewable energy is actually a very simple process

“With our Fully Funded Renewable Energy solutions, organisations can accelerate their path to a low carbon future”

Funding Renewable Energy - Solution and OptionsWe can review a wide range of funded renewable energy solutions for those customers with 3GWh or more of annual consumption.

Solar PV

100% funding for solar PV projects through a power purchase agreement (PPA)


A range of funded or semi-funded Biomass options

Ground Source Heat Pumps

100% funding for ground source heat pumpss through a power purchase agreement (PPA)


100% funding for Gas CHP projects through a power purchase agreement (PPA)

Battery Storage

Certain combinations solutions work better when combined with a funded battery storage solution

Wind Turbine

100% funding for wind turbines through a power purchase agreement (PPA)

Trigeneration CCHP

Fully funded Trigeneration CCHP solutions

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery or heat re-purposing is a key driver in reducing energy demand

District Heating

Our range of fully funded district heating solutions are a valuable asset to any developer

Fleet and EV Charging

Funding or support towards electric vehicles and EV charging points

We can provide support for additional energy saving solutions such as commercial electric vehicle fleets, this could include commercial vehicles such as buses and other commercial fleet solutions.  In addition to this we also provide funded options for EV charging points.


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    Funding Renewable Energy Options

    New funding approaches to accelerate the energy transition to Zero Carbon using our consultative approach we review your core energy data to help establish the initial commercial viability of a renewable energy funded solution.

    This initial desktop survey follows an initial consultation process where we discuss the various renewable generation options that would potentially work or the products that our clients think would be best suited to their operations and process.

    Waste streams are also discussed as part of this process along with the industry and processes on site, including current and future operating plans.

    Along with a review of your energy consumption data we evaluate the potential for onsite generation with all the key initial information in front of us.

    We will then discuss the findings of our desktop audit and talk through the potential for a fully funded approach.

    At this stage will we then engage with an appropriate technology partner who will then arrange for a more in-depth study which would include a physical site survey.

    Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    Up until a few years ago a corporate PPA was reserved for the big boys but this has changed recently to become one of the most popular ways to funding renewable energy.

    A Power Purchase Agreement or Corporate PPA is specific funded renewable energy option which allows companies to install a fully maintained sustainable energy solutions with no up-front costs.

    It works as an investment fund will cover the initial capital investment cost of the equipment and then provide ongoing maintenance and optimisation.

    This method guarantees no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance fees.

    The investment fund then looks to sell the power or sometimes the heat back to the organisation on an agreed price plan over a set period of time.  Its a win win situation for both parties as the user gets a discounted tariff to offset the grid connection costs and the funder gets a return on their original investment over the life of the project.

    Main Benefits

    > No upfront costs – businesses benefit from reduced electricity or heating rates, enabling them to save money on energy

    > Typical initial electricity bill savings of approximately 15-30% from day one, increasing annually as non-commodity and wholesale energy prices increase.

    > Payment is only made on electricity that is produced and used each month

    Asset finance - Savings pay for the solution

    With this approach the savings generated through energy efficiency measures can be used to off set the monthly lease cost.  Typically, the lease is taken over a 5-to-7 year period, with interest rates around 2–4% making it very attractive for companies to preserve cash flow.

    We have a range of different options dependent on the solution required, all of which provide significant energy savings which go towards paying for the capital equipment costs and installation.

    For example a company with old incandescent bulbs considering upgrading to a new LED lighting solution can measure the tangible cost of running the lights and multiply this up over the course of a year.

    Lets say £200,000 per annum and then calculate the cost savings that can be achieved by swapping to low energy lighting such as LED.   So lets assume that represents a 50% saving or £100,000 per annum or £8,333 per month.  These types of calculations can be verified and confirmed against normal operating hours.

    In order to finance this project lets assume that the cost is £150,000 with the payments spread over 60-months. Lets assume £3,000 month which includes any interest.

    The lease covers the full capital cost and installation and the savings cover the loan repayments and, once the loan term is completed and balance repaid, all future revenue generated from the system would be profit for the business.

    This allows companies to receive the immediate benefit of any energy saving measure and because we work with a network of finance companies we are able to assist with all loan requirements.

    Private investment

    Some companies prefer to fund a solution themselves once they have identified the right kind of opportunity and established a healthy return on investment.

    This can sometimes provide additional benefits through certain technologies such as additional revenue streams or access to supporting renewable tariffs such as RHI.

    Main Benefits:

    > Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) – This is a financial payment guaranteed for between 20 years respectively by the UK government. It is paid on each unit (kWh) of heat the system will produce

    > Export tariff – This is paid on each unit of electricity which is generated, not consumed, then “exported” back to the grid

    > Consumption Offset – Simply put this is how much is saved by generating your own electricity as opposed to buying from the grid

    Non-Commodity Reporting ToolsNon-Commodity accounts for 60% of an energy contract, and all flexible customer benefit from our be-spoke non-commodity analysis.


    Would you like to speak to one of our energy advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

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