Locating Your Gas MPRN NumberGas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)

The first step in getting a new business gas quote is locating your gas MPRN number.  A Gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is a unique number assigned to a business gas meter and is supported by the serial number located on your meter.

An MPRN number consists of a maximum of 10 digits for example MPR: 2558490504 which you can locate from your gas invoice.

However Meter Point Reference Number’s that begin with either 74 or 75 indicate that your site is supplied by an Independent Gas Transporter. Independent Gas Transporters usually charge more as this is a privately-owned network such as an industrial estate.

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If you can’t find your MPRN on your bill or you have just moved into a new business premises, if you call the National Grid Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 and provide them with your full address and or serial number from the meter, they will be able to provide this to you.

Confirming your annual gas consumption

The next step in obtaining a business gas quote is to clarify your annual consumption figure in order to accurately quote for your business.

This can be obtained by either obtaining a renewal quote from your existing provider or by a new supplier confirming your annual quantity with Xoserve the central data services provider for Britain’s gas market.

There are several different designs of gas meters available depending on the volumetric flow rate of gas required for a building.

Such as diaphragm, rotary or turbine.  For smaller commercial sites the diaphragm gas meter is the most common, and then for medium users the rotary meter is more common as this can handle higher pressures than a diaphragm meter.

Then for large commercial gas users a turbine meter will be in place where gas flow continuity is required.