Group Energy BuyingBusiness with a complex portfolio with a mixture of electricity and gas requirements or those organisations with more than 25-sites

Our group energy buying is for any business with a complex portfolio with a mixture of electricity and gas requirements or those organisations with more than 25-sites.

Our multi-site energy group buying services are provided directly by our National Accounts Team and are aimed for those organisations with a need to access the wholesale energy market, and who want to combine individual requirements into one large portfolio, or who want to combine with other similar like minded customers in a basket purchasing arrangement.

Combined Group Energy Buying Power

Combined Group Energy Buying Power

Over the last 7-years we have worked passionately in developing solutions that fit our customer’s exact requirements, and in conjunction with some of our largest portfolios we have identified the specific business energy needs of a multi-site customer and have worked tirelessly to develop a robust multi-site group business energy buying solution that is tailor made for any organisation with a need for consolidating a portfolio of business energy requirements.

Our National Accounts team provide a daily dedicated service for all of your group energy buying needs with a flexible business approach all built around your own energy requirements. This is a full end to end managed solution, first providing a comprehensive, and independent managed business energy tendering service, offering a range of supplier quotes suitable to your requirements.

Before helping you to select the most competitive and appropriate business energy contract to meet your specific needs. We include in our report a detailed financial comparison between your current energy supplier and our recommendation is based on our energy analyst’s view of the long term energy market. You then have the choice to add our full invoice validation service to your account where we will validate and approve each invoice prior to payment.

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Non-Commodity Reporting ToolsNon-Commodity accounts for 60% of an energy contract, and all flexible customer benefit from our be-spoke non-commodity analysis.

Group Energy Buying Reporting and Analytics

This includes a full range of complimentary reports and even weekly or daily status updates so you are always fully in control of your energy portfolio. Our team will also ensure all sites within your group energy buying scheme are registered smoothly and any problems are rapidly highlighted and appropriate action taken. It is our experience that this can considerably reduce the costs sometimes associated with a change of business energy supplier.

We can also advice on your on-going group energy buying requirements such as closing and opening new sites, account query resolutions or even automated meter reading solutions to further enhance the management of your account. We aim to simplify what is a very complicated project to manage and then add significant value to your business through our years of experience in managing and maintain national accounts on behalf our of customers. We always aim to consolidate your sites into a common or multiple common end date. This allows for better purchasing control and enables you to make clear and decisive purchasing decisions based on a clear strategy, instead of simply purchasing as the need takes.

Energy Buyers Group SummaryFor those customers that have a portfolio of 25-sites or more we have established an outstanding serviced solution that will manage all aspects of your daily requirements including:

> Minimum 25 sites

> Multi site purchase

> Gas or Power Procurement

> 100% independent service

> Comprehensive panel of suppliers

> Various group billing options available

> Various basket groups to join

> Bureau services including Bill validation and account reconciliation

> Ongoing Tariff analysis and budget forecasts

> Fixed or Flex options

> Risk managed service

This leaves you with more time and resources to manage your core business activity, safe in the knowledge that you can contact us any time for a full update on your account.

So it really is your decision how much interaction you need with your Account Manager.

Which ever way you choose we will remain focused on the renewal of your next contract and through our quarterly review meetings, and suggest purchasing strategies for collective energy buying or methods of improvement that will help to reduce either you’re operating costs or time spent managing your group energy buying account.

We also have a range of options available for smaller groups who want to combine their business electricity buying power with other companies into our energy buying consortium or our gas buying consortium.


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