Digital Energy ConsultantsCatalyst are proud to pioneer as Digital Energy Consultants

Environmental and Social ImpactAs digital energy consultants, Catalyst are proud to share our commitment to environmental social governance

As digital energy consultants we know that in recent times, climate change and the environment has been at the forefront of many people’s minds. In June 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass the net zero greenhouse gas emissions law by 2050.

At Catalyst, we’ve been working to improve sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly planet.

Recognising that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society-at-large, our company commits to take action immediately in order to:

> Halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030

> Achieve net zero emissions before 2050

> Disclose our progress on a yearly basis

In doing so, we are proud to be recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and join governments, businesses, cities, regions, and universities around the world that share the same mission.

Using the framework of the streamlined energy and carbon reporting regulations (SECR), we have adopted the same approach to measuring and tracking our performance that around 11,000 of the largest UK businesses have to follow to report their annual carbon footprint data.

Digital Energy Consultants

Using our digital energy consultants framework we have been able to measure our carbon footprint on an annual basis and track the performance of our carbon reductions against clearly defined metrics.

Having identified areas that we can reduce our own carbon footprint we set about implementing measures to first educate our staff, then took action to reduce our carbon impact and then offset the carbon that we couldn’t impact through any other ways.

As digital energy consultants we set out 3 years ago a new framework to reduce its environmental impact whilst increasing its social impact. Significant actions over the last 3 years include but are not limited to:

> Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions of 99.6% (22.9tns CO2e per annum)

> Disposal of company head office and move to home working

> Moving all company cars to full EV

> Moving all energy supplier invoice validation and analysis to digital (removing over 20,000 printed supplier copy invoices per annum being generated)

> Ethically offsetting more carbon than the emissions we generate as a business through “employ to plant” tree planting schemes in third world countries with mass deforestation.

> Implementing a supply chain “minimum standards” policy to ensure all key suppliers are at least carbon neutral with a path to net zero.

> Enrolling all employees in a Climate Positive Workforce scheme which includes

> Ethically offsetting their entire personal carbon footprint based on the UK average

> Offering weekly tips to enable employee to address their own environmental impact outside of the workplace

> Continuing to support our local good causes

> Providing employees with access to mental wellbeing services

Digital Energy Consultants - Climate Positive BusinessUsing our ethical partners we have offset our emissions that we have already generated to become a carbon neutral business

We have subscribed to Play It Green to help Repair the planet through reforestation, Reduce our companies and our employees carbon footprint.

We have worked hard to drive our carbon footprint lower and lower each year by replacing the things that use carbon with the things that either use less or none at all.

Education has played a big part in our journey so far and play it green have been a major factor in our progress.

Anyone can simply offset their carbon without making any changes, and rightfully so this would be classed as green washing and this is why more and more companies are getting called out for this exact activity.

Ethically offsetting more carbon than the emissions we generate as a business through “employ to plant” tree planting schemes in third world countries with mass deforestation.

Play It Green is different because education comes first, by providing a weekly tip to our staff we educate them on the carbon impact of everyday activities or products that we consume and suggest an alternative product or solution that has a direct impact on carbon emissions.  Often these tips are supported with a try before you buy or discount voucher so we can all engage and learn new ways to cut carbon whilst cutting costs at the same time.  A win win for the environment and a great way to save money.

So how does it work – well for £5 per month per employee play it green plant enough trees to offset a typical persons annual carbon footprint, from our subscription 10% also goes to our nominated charity which is Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

From our Catalyst digital forest garden we can track how many trees have been planted and the carbon impact of our activity.  In addition to this we can top up our carbon account for additional activity’s such as flights, or train journeys.

Our business has worked hard to significantly reduce our carbon footprint over the last 3-years but there are still areas that we can’t impact and for these areas we choose to offset greater than our footprint making us a carbon neutral business including all of our employees personal footprint.

climate positive business

Planting trees is taking immediate action on your carbon footprint, supports local and global sustainability targets and will leave a true legacy for future generations.

With science behind his words, David Attenborough has said that replenishing the lost ecosystem through tree planting is critical to reducing the CO2, the main greenhouse gas, in our atmosphere.

By planting trees with Play It Green we are removing CO2 from the atmosphere, providing employment and creating life. Our tree planting partner is Eden Reforestation Projects.

We have reduced our scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 99.6% (22.9tns CO2e per annum)

Eden Reforestation Projects is a not fo profit NGO that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation.

Eden works directly with communities experiencing extreme poverty resulting from the deforestation and destruction of the land that sustains them.

The organization employs thousands of local community members and provides them with the education and tools necessary to plant, grow, and protect to maturity, millions of trees each year.

Eden currently plants approximately 15 million trees a month, and in 2020 reached over 423 million trees planted of which over 225 million are mangrove trees.

A new vehicle fleet to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels

We’ve recently switched our car fleet from diesel to full electric

Crown Commercial Service FrameworkCatalyst appointed supplier by Crown Commercial Service to deliver emerging technology products and services to the UK Public Sector

Crown Commercial Service

Catalyst Commercial Services, prime supplier of energy technology solutions is a named supplier on the Crown Commercial Service Framework (CCS) Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (RM6094). Crown Commercial Services helps the public sector maximize profits when delivering products and services. In 2018/19, CCS supported global public services that deliver the best value for taxpayers, helping the public sector realize economic benefits worth £945m.

Spark the Technology Innovation Marketplace can help government and public sector to access new and emerging technology products. This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) uses a filter system that helps customers find relevant suppliers.

West Midlands Net Zero Businesss PledgeWe support efforts to make the West Midlands a net zero carbon economy by 2041.

West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge

As digital energy consultants we’ve signed up to the WM Net Zero Business Pledge and we’re doing our bit to make the West Midlands net zero by 2041.

Why not make your pledge at  The pledge asks you to consider what you can do to reduce the impact your organisation makes on the environment. It also encourages you to think about how you can influence your staff, customers, visitors or supply chain to make changes to their behaviours and actions too.

SME Climate CommitmentWe’ve signed up to the SME Climate Commitment

SME Climate Hub

We’ve signed up to the SME Climate Commitment and recognising that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society-at-large, our company commits to take action immediately in order to, halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030, Achieve net zero emissions before 2050 and Disclose our progress on a yearly basis.

In doing so, we are proud to be recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and join governments, businesses, cities, regions, and universities around the world that share the same mission.

Race to ZeroThe global campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery.

Race To Zero

Pledge – at the headoforganization level to reach (net) zero GHGs as soon as possible, and by midcentury at the latest, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5C. Set an interim target to achieve in the next decade, which reflects maximum effort toward or beyond a fair share of the 50% global reduction in CO2 by 2030 identified in the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C.

Plan – Within 12 months of joining, explain what actions will be taken toward achieving both interim and longerterm pledges, especially in the short to mediumterm.

Proceed – Take immediate action toward achieving (net) zero, consistent with delivering interim targets specified

Publish – Commit to report publicly both progress against interim and longterm targets, as well as the actions being taken, at least annually. To the extent possible, report via platforms that feed into the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal.


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    I would like to discuss:

    Digital Energy Consultants - About Us - SummaryMarket Leading Business Energy Consultants

    Catalyst Digital Energy Consultants is an Award-Winning Business Energy Consultancy with a focus on digital energy services that includes total energy contract lifecycle management and energy management services.

    We are on a mission as digital energy consultants to put our customers back in control of their utilities by providing the rights tools and support for the full energy contract life-cycle requirement.

    Centric to this is our Energy Spend Management Platform powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) called EaaSi which is the vehicle for the journey of transformation as we reconstruct how organisations manage, reduce, contract and report on their utilities.

    During an initial 3-year period we completely revolutionise how a business manages its energy.

    We do this by digitising all aspects of energy including billing, data, consumption, spend, payments and emissions reporting.

    As digital energy consultants, our customers gain powerful insights with our energy tools which allows them to take back control and manage energy in ways they didn’t think possible.

    Providing access to fixed and flexible energy procurement solutions straight forward and easily manageable through our risk management team and digital dashboards.

    Net Zero Roadmap

    Then using the very latest cutting edge IoT and edge computing technology we gather layers of additional mission critical energy data and activate our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered energy management software to provide unrivaled energy control and analytics.

    Finally, as digital energy consultants, we then further support our customer on the journey to net-zero our range of fully funded renewable energy services.

    The end result is that our customers have access to the very latest energy technology with the most advanced ways of managing sustainable energy goals supported by a team of Award-Winning energy consultants.


    Digital Energy ConsultantsInfinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.

    Catalyst - Digital Energy Consultants

    Our position as one of the UK’s leading digital energy consultants, means that we have the strength to negotiate the best possible contracts and terms on behalf of our clients through our preferred list of approved suppliers.

    Catalyst offers a comprehensive, end-to-end, managed tendering service to ensure that our clients are able to review the widest possible range of supply offers, before helping them to select the most competitive and appropriate contract to meet their specific needs.

    Catalyst works with all of the main suppliers and being completely independent guarantees that our recommendations are impartial. As a market leading energy broker we offer an outstanding business energy comparison service comparing the market to find you a better deal on your electricity and gas requirements.

    Digital Energy ConsultantsAward Winning Energy Consultants - Shaping the future of digital energy

    Energy Spend Management

    Our Energy Spend Management platform EaaSioffers the most advanced utility bill management platform to manage all aspects of utility management.

    Flexible Energy Procurement

    We offer a choice of fixed, portfolio and flexible energy procurement solutions to suit your business needs.

    Digital Energy Services

    We are a company that delivers sustainable energy & energy management solutions in partnership with your business goals.

    Fully Funded Sustainable Energy

    Catalyst and our panel of technology partners delivers design, development, and operation of private wire and on-site sustainable energy for large industrial and commercial clients across the UK.

    Energy and Environment

    We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

    Metering & Monitoring Solutions

    Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) is essential for businesses looking to achieve good energy management. The Energy monitoring theory being; that if you can measure energy, you can monitor it; if you can monitor energy then you can manage it.

    Non-Commodity Reporting

    Non-commodity costs are rising year on year and now cover an incremental percentage of the energy bill. Our Cost-Stacker™ tool predicts future energy costs.

    Energy Compliance

    The Catalyst team of compliance experts can help with all aspects of energy compliance, from ESOS to SECR.

    Business Water Services

    We offer water and wastewater management that will help UK businesses improve efficiency and make savings.

    The Award Winning Energy Consultants

    Energy Live Consultancy Awards at the Honorable Artillery Company in London


    The Energy Spend Management Platform

    EaaSi™ – The Energy Spend Management Platform Powered by Robotic Process Automation

    Digital Energy Consultants - The Energy Spend Management PlatformEaaSi™ - Energy-as-a-Service Interactive

    Energy Spend Management

    EaaSi is the go-to energy spend management solution for mid-sized companies. All-in-one software to help you control, track and report your company’s energy spend. Built using the power of robotic process automation (RPA) this is the world’s best automated invoice collection and validation platform.

    Catalyst’s business energy spend management (BESM) platform provides powerful capabilities for everyone in your company, financial controllers, power users, and site managers to conduct all of their business spend activities in one place.

    Agnostic of suppliers our software automates the collection of invoices and credit notes, performs powerful validation and contract auditing to identify billing errors and optimise energy spend.

    With full contract lifecycle management, you will never need to worry if you have been charged correctly. The system takes cares of missing bills, accruals, and provides targeted financial reporting forecasts and budget setting capabilities.

    Future costs are accurately predicted in real time and market opportunities for future energy contract renewals can be viewed at group or site level.


    “Turbo Charge your Energy Contract life-cycle Management and gain back control of your utility spend with our Award Winning Digital Energy Consultancy”


    Would you like to speak to one of our digital energy consultants over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

      I would like to discuss:

      About UsCatalyst Digital Energy Consultants

      We are a market leading independent digital energy consultancy that provides energy procurement, sustainability and environmental services. With the largest UK supplier panel and procurement solutions that match your needs, our range of solutions and services are designed to make the selection and management of your business energy contracts as easy as possible.

      Not only can we drive a lower unit rate, we show you ways that you need fewer units in the first instance.  We do this by auditing your energy usage, and recommending how you can be more energy efficient, by reviewing your current monthly energy spend, we agree the percentage of savings needed to prove viability on any given energy saving project.

      Since making the initial investment can be a barrier for some, we help by offering financial as well as energy saving solutions. This means you can put in place energy efficiency measures without any upfront capital investment.

      For the initial period, the financing is structured such, that any capital costs are offset against reductions in utility bills, whilst still returning a monthly saving back to the business, after which you reap the full financial benefit. Put simply you have unlimited access to leading multidisciplinary consultants and engineers, with solutions repaid from the savings you make – so you have no upfront costs.

      Our People

      As digital energy consultants our strength is its ability to combine business strategies with financial, economic, technical and legislative advice as an integrated energy consultancy service to public and private sector clients. This is achieved through the experience that is held by key management. We deliberately set out to acquire skillsets that are only found with seasoned professionals in the energy contracting and consulting field.

      Our energy staff experience and skillsets have been acquired through the careful selection of strategic hires from the very industries that are now our clients and in-turn provide a balance blend of contracting and consulting that is rare in our industry.

      This is what sets Catalyst apart from the traditional consultancies in that we are technology agnostic. We provide solutions for our clients and not restricted by an agenda of selling energy saving or generating products. Staffed with some of the country’s leading sustainability and energy experts, Catalyst has a wealth of experience focused in energy management, solutions and implementation.

      As digital energy consultants we know that having a balance between technical expertise and the commercial reality of our clients’ requirements, we work in partnership with our clients, and take time to understand their business, their ethical and carbon requirements and of course, future plans which are paramount in developing the correct multi-strategy approach or solution. We maintain a holistic approach whereby expertise is directed to the objectives of each commission.

      Our Directors and associates are all chartered, professional engineers. We subscribe to ethical Codes of Practice and advice is entirely independent and impartial. It is a tenet of our company that Directors should have an active involvement in all work undertaken. They are supported by technical specialists organised in multidisciplinary teams and have many years’ experience in design, programming, contract administration, inspection and reporting.

      Energy Procurement

      With our diverse bank of business customers throughout a range of industry sectors having an annual consumption of over a billion kWh, Catalyst is one of the market leading independent energy brokers in the UK.  Catalyst has a vast amount of experience in Energy Procurement Services managing the energy procurement requirements of public and private sector organisations, ranging from small single site retail, energy intensive sites, through to large and complex multi-site groups.

      Providing a full spectrum of energy services our confidence is such that we operate our business with no contractual tie-in with our clients, the partnerships that we develop are based on performance alone.

      This results in our standards remaining very high, which is reflected in our client retention rate of over 93%.

      This scale of clients ensures substantial bargaining power with suppliers, and preferential product selection.  Coupled with our significant purchasing experience, allows us to negotiate far better terms and models than individual customers can do on their own.

      Utilising our Energy Broker service you let us apply our knowledge, expertise, and market position to handle your electricity or gas purchases in a professional and efficient manner. We work full-time on getting the best possible terms for our clients.

      Energy Services

      Our Energy Consultants help business owners and Energy Managers identify energy efficiency opportunities to help eliminate energy waste and improve profitability. Our approach can help you understand what your energy efficiency opportunities are, and show you how to take advantage of government subsidies and programs.

      Despite the fluctuations in energy prices, the trend only points one way, upwards. Now more than ever, organisations in both the public and private sectors are motivated to implement and demonstrate energy saving reductions for a host of interrelated reasons. What’s clear is that the focus of has now completely shifted from being just about energy prices and carbon to managing total energy costs and risks.

      Companies are now juggling how best to buy, how to reduce demand and – if they can – control their own supply through on-site generation.

      Feeding into this is the need to better understand consumption through regular data monitoring and analysis which enables companies to identify where and how to most effectively reduce demand.

      The Influx of energy legislation and directives that binds both public and private entities to making and demonstrating significant savings, makes it the perfect time for multi-site organisations or power intensive sites to work with energy consultancies that have the skill-sets to offer added value services and work as their energy partner.

      Organisations are seeking a service which goes beyond a traditional relationship and are looking for a supplier that takes a proactive and innovative role in demonstrating the cost saving opportunities across the estate.  In addition, it is looking for commercial innovation such as alternative funding opportunities for delivering savings without the need to employ capital and a service that does not simply replicate the status quo.

      Catalyst’s strength is its ability to combine business strategies with financial, economic, technical and legislative advice as an integrated energy consultancy service to both public and private sector clients. Our extensive cross sector experience provides clients with access to the latest and most effective energy management technologies, processes and practices, ensuring that the optimum solution is available.

      Catalyst recognise that working together as an energy partner, opens up a wealth of experience and services without the associated costs attributed to the engagement of individual specialists. Catalyst link all service costs with measurable savings, demonstrating that support need not be bound by budget constraints. This means that much more can be achieved in developing longer term solutions such as energy strategies through your energy partner that the short to medium term energy savings would support.