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Energy Intensive Industries (EII) exemption

Those qualifying organisations can now apply for an Energy Intensive Industries (EII Exemption), and with the exemption providing a discount of up to 85% of the Non-Commodity charges for Renewables Obligation and the Feed-in Tariff it is really worth checking if you qualify. Based on the latest forecasts for 2018/19 costs, this could be as much as £23 per MWh, so for those qualifying businesses that are using 10GWh of electricity per year, that could equate to a discount of over £200,000.


There are 3 steps to assessing whether a business is eligible to claim compensation for the indirect costs of the Renewables Obligation and Feed in Tariff.

1) The business must manufacture a product in the UK

2) The business must pass the 20% electricity intensity test

3) The business must be within an eligible sector as defined by the 4-digit NACE code

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