Biomass BoilersIs a Biomass Boiler a way to reduce heating cost.

The growing demand for commercial biomass boilers isn’t surprising when you look at the energy savings that can be achieved by using one, compared to traditional commercial boilers.  The actual savings that can be achieved from installing a commercial biomass boiler will vary and is dependent on the existing type of fuel used.

The biggest savings come from transferring from oil or LPG to biomass. Oil and LPG were historically the only choice for buildings off the gas grid and therefore savings can be as high as 50% where typically oil was historically the only choice for building was off grid and typical savings can be as high as 48%.  For electricity boilers this drops down to 30% savings and 20% savings for gas boilers.

Biomass boilers

Commercial Biomass boilers are more energy efficient than oil, gas and electricity and are operated with the use of wood chips or pellets.  Consideration is needed for the storage facilities required for a biomass boiler as the wood chips or pellets need to be kept dry.  The quality of wood chip can vary and generally will take up more space than using pellets and there are also higher maintenance costs associated with wood chips.

We would recommend the use of a boiler that uses wood pellet over wood chip as over the life of the boiler this is the most cost effective route.  A commercial biomass boiler can be up to 50% more energy efficient than a traditional gas boiler.

So how do commercial biomass boilers fuel prices compare to other fuels?

Heating your building using a wood chip biomass boiler is 20% of the cost compared with using electricity and 48% of the cost compared with using heating oil.

Location of your commercial biomass boiler

The key factors for consideration when thinking about a new biomass boiler is the space required for your new boiler and the distance from the building.  The most efficient route is to deliver the biomass in a containerised solution that also includes space to house the feed stock.    This avoids the need for additional building works and also means that any existing boiler system remains in place.  This provides fuel security as you will always have a secondary system to fall back on, and no alterations have to be carried out to your existing equipment.

Commercial Biomass Boiler

The pre-packaged plant rooms are ideal for a variety of applications from district heating to commercial premises, hotels, schools and nursing homes.

Do you qualify – Free Commercial Biomass boilers

We have the ability to offer you a free commercial biomass boiler through our Shared Energy Saving Performance Contracts.  This solution is available to any private or public sector organisations with a combined heating and electricity spend greater than £50k. This is achieved through a green investment fund and you can read up more about this fun on our Energy Service Company page.

The fund will purchase your new commercial biomass boiler and then the fund will also be responsible for the maintenance of the biomass system up to the heat exchange plate.  Your assigned project manager will be the first point of call for service or maintenance issues and this includes the cost of your annual maintenance.


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